Beniamino Levi

Beniamino Levi
President of The Dalí Universe

After 25 years of success in the exhibition business, I am delighted to introduce our new Dalí Universe website, and my dedicated team of staff. Together we’ve found new ways to show Dalí’s iconic masterworks, which I have spent a lifetime collecting and curating.

The Dalí Universe team of staff aid me in this endeavor, and here I introduce them to you.

I want to extend a special thanks to all our visitors, for helping to make all we do possible.


Iar Alex Doppia

Alex Doppia

Managing Director of The Dalí Universe and Espace Dalí, Paris

Phone number: +33 142644010
Iar Jasmine Merli

Jasmine Merli

Director in Charge of Exhibitions

Phone number: +41 916954743

Kerry Meroni

Director of Exhibition Marketing

Phone number: +41 916954742
Iar Massimo Martina

Massimo Martina

Chief Financial Officer

Phone number: +357 25246705
Iar Mara Frontini

Mara Frontini

Transport and Logistics

Phone number: +41 916954745
Iar Noemi Binda

Noemi Binda

Accounts Assistant

Phone number: +41 916954744
Iar Eleonora Grigo

Eleonora Grigo

Accounts Assistant

Phone number: +41 916954744
Iar Susan Stonard

Susan Stonard

Public Relations

Phone number: +41 916954746

Epaud Bertrand

Project Manager for USA and Middle East

Phone number: + 1 (646) 821-6685
Iar James Sanders

James Sanders

Project Manager for Portugal, Spain, Holland, Belgium Ireland and Canada

Phone number: +39 348 4523693

Claire Sun

Project Manager for Asia

Phone number: (FR) +33 (0)6 18 51 15 56
(CN) +86 1381 037 7077