Dalí Photos

Dalí loved to be photographed and infact today many Dalí photos can be found in books, magazines and online. From earliest childhood, even before his talent for drawing and painting emerged, it was clear that Dalí needed to be the center of attention. His thirst for fame was evident from an early age, there are hundreds of memorable images of Dali in different poses, his curly moustache painting on canvas, leading an ant-eater on a lead, with a giant egg on a rooftop in Cadaques.

Dali was always avant guarde , eccentric and surpassing the norm for any artiste, highly visually expressive; the world’s most famous photographers loved him as their subject matter

Dalí Photography

Many photographers worked with Dalí throughout his artistic career, perhaps the most prolific being the Latvian Philip Halsman, who, in 1941,  began a 37 year collaboration with Dalí producing some of the most vivid and memorable images of the artist.

“For me, photography can be dead serious or great fun.  Trying to capture the elusive truth with a camera is often frustrating toil.  Trying to create an image that does not exist, except in one’s imagination, is often an elating game.  I particularly enjoy this game when I play it with Salvador Dalí.  We were like two accomplices.  Whenever I had an unusual idea, I would ask him to be the hero of my photograph.  There was a cross-stimulation going on." – P.Halsman. 

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