Our team

Beniamino Levi

Beniamino Levi
President of The Dalí Universe

After 30 years of success in the exhibition business, I am delighted to introduce our new Dalí Universe website, and my dedicated team of staff. Together we’ve found new ways to show Dalí’s iconic masterworks, which I have spent a lifetime collecting and curating.

The Dalí Universe team of staff aid me in this endeavor, and here I introduce them to you.

I want to extend a special thanks to all our visitors, for helping to make all we do possible.


Iar Alex Doppia

Alex Doppia

Managing Director of The Dalí Universe and Dalí Paris

Ph: +33 142644010
Iar Jasmine Merli

Jasmine Merli

Exhibition Manager

Ph: +41 916954743

Kerry Meroni

Marketing Manager

Ph: +41 916954742
Iar Mara Frontini

Mara Frontini

Transport and Logistics

Ph: +41 916954745

Noemi Binda

Accounts Assistant

Ph: +41 916954744

Eleonora Grigo

Accounts Assistant

Ph: +41 916954744

Paola Fina

Marketing Clerk

Ph: +357 25246705

Epaud Bertrand

Project Manager for USA and Middle East

Ph: + 1 (646) 821-6685
Iar James Sanders

James Sanders

Project Manager for Europe, Canada, South Africa and Australia

Ph: +39 348 4523693

Claire Sun

Project Manager for Asia

Ph: (FR) +33 (0)6 18 51 15 56
(CN) +86 1381 037 7077