Surrealism since the 1960's

During the 1960’s, The Surrealists wrote the article “We don’t hear it that way”, an article  which was a tirade against Dalí’s participation in an international exhibition of Surrealism in New...

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Dali's sculpture, Nobility of Time, presented to the awaiting Press in Shanghai

The first Salvador Dali artwork in the Collection to arrive in Shanghai, was presented to the awaiting press on 26th August in Shanghai, in preparation for the exhibition ‘Dali’s Fantastic...

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Dalí's Fantastic Universe

26th September 2015 - 10th January 2016.  
This autumn, Tix Media in collaboration with the Stratton Foundation & UEG Group will  present over 250 artworks at ‘Dali’s Fantastic...

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#DaliMeetsDante Opening

From 2nd July to the 27th September 2015, at the Galleria delle Carrozze, Palazzo Medici Riccardi.
Presented by the Fondazione Ambrosiana.

#DalíMeetsDante, an exhibition at Palazzo...

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Dalì, Warhol, Koons & Hirst

Salvador Dalì
Salvador Dalì was a collaborative artist, working with assistants, artisans, craftsmen and in partnership with everyone from the likes of Walt Disney, Coco...

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#DalíMeetsDante, from July to September 2015, Florence

#DalíMeetsDante, presents artworks with a religious theme, amongst them the sculptures St. George and the Dragon, Adam and Eve, and the...

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Dali sculpture achieves excellent result at Christie’s Shanghai auction house

Dance of Time I, a seminal Dali artwork, went under the hammer at Christie’s fine art auctioneers’ Shanghai saleroom at the weekend. The sculpture achieved a very impressive  404....

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Dalì in Sorrento at Villa Fiorentino

It was 7:30 pm when the doors of Villa Fiorentino were opened and "The Dali Universe Sorrento" exhibition officially started.
A huge crowd gathered for the most important art exhibition which...

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Dalì monumental sculptures in Florence

As with all great works of Surrealism, the effect is distinctly dream-like. Two piazzas in the Renaissance city of Florence are now home to the monumental sculptures of Salvador Dalí.

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