Dalí’s exhumation takes place in Figueres
Dalí’s exhumation takes place in Figueres

Twenty eight years since his death in 1989, Dalí has been exhumed from the crypt he designed himself, in his hometown of Figueres, Catalonia.  The heavy marble slab that weighs one and a half tons...

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Surrealist Warrior Sweden
Dalí sculpture exhibition in Kungshamn (Sweden)

This summer, a small coastal community in Sweden is the wonderful, and somewhat Surreal, location of a Salvador Dalí sculpture exhibition. Large Salvador Dalí sculptures have been positioned as...

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Sculpture Park in Italy visited by Dalí
Sculpture Park in Italy visited by Dalí

In 1938, Salvador Dalí visited the Parco dei Mostri di Bomarzo, also named the Garden of Bomarzo or ‘Sacro Bosco’, located in the province of Viterbo, in northern Lazio, Italy.

The park is...

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Saint George and the Dragon Salvador Dali
Dalí Sculptures in Vico Morcote, Switzerland

In Vico Morcote, a small community on the shores of Lake Lugano in Switzerland, Dalí bronze sculptures are being exhibited through the summer. In a joint collaboration between the Comune of Vico...

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Bai Baihe at Espace Dalí
Espace Dalí in Paris Hosts Important Visitors

During Spring this year, Espace Dalí, Paris’s only museum dedicated to Dalí, welcomed some important visitors. One was Mr Wu Weishan, director of the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC), in...

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Dalí sculpture  Vision of the Angel in the film ‘Love off the Cuff’
Dalí sculpture in the film ‘Love off the Cuff’

Many films feature artworks from famous artists, now a recently released Chinese film has a scene featuring a sculpture from the Spanish artist Salvador Dalí.

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Dalí’s Christ of St John on the Cross
Dalí’s Christ of St John on the Cross

One of Dalí s most famous paintings is Christ of St John on the Cross. (1951) Considered his finest religious painting, it now hangs in Scotland’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery, in Glasgow’s...

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Leonardo Da Vinci Salvador Dali
Salvador Dalí and Leonardo Da Vinci

Salvador Dalí was inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci, 500 years his predecessor. Born five centuries apart, these two artistic giants shared many aspects of genius.

Da Vinci was a painter,...

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Dance of Time I Vancouver
Dalí Dance of Time I sculpture in Vancouver

Dalí sculpture has arrived in the centre of downtown Vancouver. Last week saw the unveiling of the Dance of Time I sculpture at Chali Rosso gallery, Vancouver’s largest art gallery of...

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Buste de Femme Retrospectif
A Surrealist Banquet TEFAF New York

Di Donna Galleries in New York will present ‘A Surrealist Banquet’  for the spring edition of TEFAF at  the Park Avenue Armoury from May 4th- 8th. The installation, curated by Di Donna Galleries,...

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Anna Maria Dali
Miss Dalí - Coming Soon

Dalí continues to inspire and energise the artistic scene; a new film about the artists’ life, more specifically his relationship  with his sister, is due for release later in 2017.

The new...

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Beniamino Levi and Pope
Dalí and his Saint George and the Dragon sculpture

Around 40 years ago in 1979, New York’s Guggenheim museum presented Dalí’s first hyper-stereoscopic artworks for exhibit. In the same year in May, Dalí was elected as a member of the Académie...

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Salvador Dali grandmother
Dalí: Early Years

Dalí  is perhaps best known for work created in his later years, but it is his early years that formed him and his artistic persuasions. He was not only a painter, but also a writer, poet,...

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Jane Fonda Andy Warhol
Beniamino Levi; My Meeting with Warhol.

Born in 1928, Beniamino Levi is an art dealer, curator, collector, art connoisseur, owner of one of the largest collections of Dalí Sculpture currently part of the Dalí...

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Federico García Lorca
Dalí and his Spanish Influencers

Dalí was influenced by many artists and cultural figures during his prolific career, one of who was Federico Garcia Lorca.  It was eighty years ago in 1937, that Lorca was...

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