Dalí and Freud

Dalí’s connection with the Austrian neurologist/psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud is well-documented. Well versed in Freud’s theories of accessing the subconscious for surreal and artistic inspiration,...

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Hanae Mori Designer Dress forms part of Dalí a La Mode Collection

The Dalí Universe exclusively owns this stunning Hanae Mori designer dress that was created by the Japanese stylist in the 1990s.

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Dalí's Painting,‘Galatea of the Spheres’ (1952)

Dalí had an incredible mathematicians mind and has often been compared to Leonardo da Vinci for his all-encompassing intellect and knowledge over an incredible array of subjects.

During the...

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Dalí Sculpture, ‘Horse Saddled with Time’

The story of the creation of the Horse saddled with Time sculpture, is an interesting one. Dalí used the image of the horse throughout his work, in fact the series of graphics’ Dalínian Horses (...

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Dalí a La Mode Collection

Some years ago London designers were asked to give free rein to their imagination and artistic talents and interpret Dalí ’s surrealism though their designs. Important names in the fashion worked...

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Dalí and his Mae West Sofa

The Mae West sofa is a surreal artwork created by Dalí during the 1930s. The sofa or settee, is ruby red in colour and is shaped curvaceously like pair of female lips. Erotic, exotic and shocking...

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Woman Aflame sculpture

The Dalí bronze sculpture Woman Aflame, perfectly encapsulates Dalí’s exploration of three-dimensional form and it effectively demonstrates the core characteristics of Surrealism. ...

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Dalí Universe at PISA Orologeria Exhibition

Beniamino Levi, President of the Dalí Universe, is proud to present to the public an exhibition  of Salvador Dalí sculptural artworks dedicated to the subject of ‘Time’.

Visitors and...

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Dalí in New York

Dalí first arrived New York on November 14th 1934. Sailing on the steamship Champlain from Le Havre, France, together wife his wife Gala, he wintered every year for forty years at the St Regis...

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Dalí and the Surrealist shoe

The Surrealist sculpture ‘Le Soulier Objet Surrealiste a fonctionnement symbolique’ (‘The Shoe, Surrealist Object with a symbolic function’) was created by Dalí in 1932.  An exemplar from a later...

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Levi meets Lucio Fontana

When one speaks about Lucio Fontana, the great Italian artist of the last century one recalls his canvases with cuts and holes, as being unique and idiosyncratic. Beniamino Levi , President of the...

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A Brief History of The Surrealist Image - The Persistence of Memory

The first summer that Dalí  spent in Port Lligat, Figueras in 1931 marked him for life. It was here that he created his most famous painting, ‘The Persistence of Memory’. This iconic painting...

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Dalí and his Elephant Imagery

The image of the 'Space Elephant" appeared for the first time in Dalí ’s 1946 painting "The Temptation of Saint Anthony".The origins of the painting making interesting reading; Dalí participated...

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Triumphant Elephant sold at Christies’ Shanghai

Dalí sculpture achieves excellent result at the 20th Century & Contemporary Art Evening sale at Christies’ Shanghai held at the Peninsula Hotel, Shanghai on 24th September 2017.


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Gala, Dalí ’s Wife and Muse

Gala, her real name being Elena Ivanovna Diakonova was Russian, born in Kazan in 1894. She spent her childhood in Moscow and attended university courses at a finishing school in St Petersburg. In...

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