“Space Venus” - The image of the goddess of beauty.

“My work is a reflection, one of the innumerable reflections of what I accomplish, write, think”.

Salvador Dalí

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Its Dalí’s Birthday this week!

115 years ago the genius of Surrealism was born… Artist? Genius? Designer? Sculptor? Scenographer? Eccentric?

Born on 11 May 1904 in the Spanish town of Figueres, Catalonia, Dalí would have...

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Art New York (Pier 94) presented by Art Miami

Art New York (Pier 94) presented by Art Miami, took place this weekend, offering artworks and installations  from...

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Homage to Terpsichore

“I am enchanted and I see, but I cannot reach what I see and what enchants me’ – so deep in error is this lover”…”You would think he could be touched: it is such a...

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“Dalí at d’Arenberg”, in Adelaide, Australia

A Salvador Dalí Art Exhibition “Dalí at d’Arenberg” is currently open to the public at the prestigious d’Arenberg winery in Adelaide,...

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“Alice in Wonderland”. The Girl Child Image Central to Dalí’s Oeuvre.

“…Metamorphosis is presented to us as a unique way for man to widen his horizons, like a liberation of humanity”. Maurice Blanchot

Alice in Wonderland…

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Dalí in Stockholm!

This week heralds the Stockholm Antique and Arts fair ANTIKMÄSSAN 2019 taking place from 14th to 17th February in the...

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January 23rd 2019: the 30th Anniversary of Dalí's Death

2019 marks the 30th year since the death of Dalí and the Dalí Universe is commemorating #30AfterDali in a variety of ways. The 23rd of January is the anniversary of the great...

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Dalí Sculpture at the London Art Fair 2019

The London Art Fair returns for its 31st edition this week, in the heart of Islington N1; fair dates are 16th - 20th of January 2019.

Offering artworks...

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Dalí in.....Courchevel !

This winter from early December to April 2019, Dalí sculpture returns to the mountain peaks in France, in the historic ski resort of Courchevel.  Dalí sculpture was...

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“New skin, new land”,Dalí’s fascination for Italy, and the incredible landscape of Matera as the setting for the exhibition ‘The Persistence of Opposites’.

The first of December saw the inauguration of the exhibition dedicated to Dalí entitled, ‘The Persistence of Opposites’ in Italy, at the ancient...

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Dalí Universe in Matera, the city of “the Sassi”

Dalí Universe, is proud to present an exhibition dedicated to Salvador Dalí “The Persistence of Opposites”...

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Dalí in Sydney

Dalí Universe is proud to be in Sydney to present a selection of bronze sculpture and graphics, a part of its vast collection of Dalí artworks, amassed over 40 years by its president Beniamino...

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The “Salvador Dalí: Sculptures” exhibition at the Erarta Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia, came to its closing date.

Salvador Dalí’s sculptures were on display this summer at the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art in St. Petersburg.

For the first time ever the...

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