Dalì and the eye: the instrument for seeing paranoia.


On 12th December the exhibition “Salvador Dalí - Enigma” was opened to the public in the city of Prague. The exhibition is curated by Beniamino Levi, President...

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“Salvador Dalí – Enigma” in Prague.


“Everybody wants to know the secret of my success. It is the «paranoiac-critical method» that I invented thirty years ago, and that I have subsequently practised with success...

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The HUAWEI THEMES project that blends art and technology.


From 4-5 November France hosted the annual HUAWEI ECO-CONNECT EUROPE 2019 event at the...

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The spectral Dalí is on display at d’Arenberg.

"How wonderful to crunch a bird’s tiny skull." Salvador Dalí

The night of Halloween is around the corner and, for the first time this year,...

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Where Palladio inspired Dalí.


“Palladio and Bramante impressed me more and more as being the startling and perfect achievement of the human spirit in the...

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Dalí amidst the VIPs at the WOPART 2019 in Lugano.


This week the city of Lugano announces the opening of the International Fair of artworks on paper – ancient, modern and contemporary, which will be held from the 19th to...

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The Surrealism of Dalí meets the Classicism of Palladio in Vicenza: VIOFF dedicates its third edition to the Dalí – Palladio binomial.


Dalí Universe, in collaboration with the Municipality of Vicenza and IEG, the Italian Exhibition Group, is proud to take part in the third edition of VIOFF, the ...

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An oneiric journey through the flames and drawers of the human body: “WOMAN AFLAME” SCULPTURE


An oneiric journey through the flames and drawers of the human body:


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Dalí Sculpture in Capri, Italy

Dalí Universe presents an exhibition in Italy dedicated to Dalí, in Capri, the island in the Gulf of Naples.

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The “Horse Saddled with Time” sculpture at the Matera Central Fal railway station.

The universe is converging, not widening. It’s shriveling up, it’s concentrated on one point in space, and for me that point is the railroad station in Perpignan”....

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Dalí Sculpture at Culloden Estate, Belfast.

Gormleys Fine Art is delighted to once again be hosting a major sculpture exhibition in...

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Loan of Important Surrealist artwork to the Pompidou Metz

The Surrealist sculpture ‘Le Soulier Objet Surrealiste a fonctionnement symbolique’ dated 1973,  (‘The Shoe, Surrealist Object with a symbolic function’) will be exhibited at the Pompidou...

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Art in the Garden

An “Art in the Gardensculpture exhibition...

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