The Dalí Universe arrives in Turin and presents “Salvador Dalí - The Exhibition”.

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Thursday, 2022, November 10

“There is only one difference between a madman and me. I am not mad”.

Salvador Dalí


Dalí Universe in collaboration with Next Exhibition and the Cultural Association Dreams, under the patronage of the cultural office of the Embassy of Spain and the Metropolitan City of Turin, is proud to present “Salvador Dalí - The Exhibition” at the Palazzina di Caccia of Stupinigi, a Residence of the Royal House of Savoy, designed by the architect Filippo Juvarra.

The Palazzina di Caccia of Stupinigi, located in Stupinigi, a suburb of the town of Nichelino, 10 km southwest of Turin, will host the Dalí Universe Collection for the first time, offering the extraordinary opportunity to admire the iconic artworks created by the Master of Surrealism, inside the fabulous places of the Palazzina of the Savoy family, built in the early 18th century, and part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

Around one hundred authentic Salvador Dalí works, including sculptures of various sizes, illustrations, and glassworks, will be exhibited at the “Salvador Dalí – The Exhibition”, starting next Saturday, November 12, 2022.

Among the works in bronze, the exhibition will show the sculptures “Dance of Time” and “Nobility of Time”, conceived by Dalí during the 70’ and 80’s. These sculptures are dedicated to the theme of Time, “melting time”; and are illustrative of Dalí’s “paranoiac - critical theory”, the surrealist technique used to create images and apparent optical illusions.

Among the Daum works, one of the most interesting collections in the world of colour-glass sculpture arises from the artistic collaboration of Salvador Dalí and the prestigious French glass-making company, Daum Cristallerie, the public will be able to admire “Cyclope” (1968), “Guitare” (1971) e “Anti-Fleur” (1971).

“Salvador Dalí was not only a painter, but a multi-faceted artist in the true sense of the word”, commented Mr. Beniamino Levi, President of the Dalí Universe, adding: “Dalí himself said ʻPainting is an infinitely minute part of my personalityʼ ”.

“Of all the exponents of Surrealism, Salvador Dalí was the only one to fully incarnate and live its fundamental principles”, asserts Mr. Beniamino Levi. “The itinerary that we have organized inside the Palazzina di Caccia of Stupinigi, will reveal to the public the works of Dalí the sculptor, Dalí the illustrator, Dalí the designer, with the aim of raising awareness of and appreciating the versatility of the Master of Surrealism”.

Dalí loved Italy, between 1935 and 1937, he traveled extensively throughout Italy with his wife Gala. Following Dalí’s arrival in Italy in ’35, together with Gala, and his English patron Edward James, he visited Turin, Modena, Rome and Amalfi, where he stayed as a guest of James for several months in the 11th century Villa Cimbrone, in Ravello.

“Perhaps, without direct contact with Italy, Dalí’s art would have been different”, concludes Mr. Beniamino Levi, “We are extremely honoured to present the Collection Dalí Universe in Turin, the Italian city that seals the strong bond between Dalí and Italy, a bond which is recognizable in all the artistic works of the Catalan master”.

“Salvador Dalí - The Exhibition” will be inaugurated this Friday, November 11th, 2022, and will be open to the public until Sunday, February 19, 2023.


For more information about the “Salvador Dalí - The Exhibition” see the official website link below: