The Dalí Universe arrives in Copenhagen and presents the event “Salvador Dalí – Surrealist Moments”.

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  • The Dalí Universe arrives in Copenhagen and presents the event “Salvador Dalí – Surrealist Moments”.
Friday, 2020, November 27


“I possess within myself the constant awareness that everything which touches my person and my life is unique and will always be characterised by an exceptional, complete and truculent nature”.

Salvador Dalí


Beniamino Levi, President of the Dalí Universe, is delighted to present to the public an event dedicated to Salvador Dalí at the Hotel d’Angleterre, situated in the heart of the City of Copenhagen and considered one of the most prestigious hotels in Northern Europe.

The event “Salvador Dalí – Surrealist Moments” curated by the Dalí Universe will be presented inside the elegant and luxurious Louis XVI Ballroom.

A selection of 12 sculptures and roughly 30 graphic works can be viewed by visitors this coming weekend from Saturday 28 November to Sunday 29 November 2020 and the next two weekends ahead. 

The event will also offer the opportunity to admire the Surrealist Universe Gold jewellery inspired by the most famous and iconic Dalinian images.

“Hotel d’Angleterre is the perfect location for the Collection of art works” declared Beniamino Levi adding: “Salvador Dalí loved the grandiose and the Louis XVI Ballroom, with its majestic semi-columns and pilasters, along with the richness of the Victorian style ceiling, which is undoubtedly the ideal environment for the event  Salvador Dalí – Surrealist Moments”.

The twelve sculptures on display at the Hotel d’Angleterre include Alice in Wonderland, Dance of Time II and Profile of Time.

The sculpture Alice in Wonderland presents to the visitors the iconic Dalinian image of the young and eternal girl key character of Lewis Carroll’s novel, who appears in many of Dalì’s paintings around the 1930’s.

The multiple editions bronze sculpture Dance of Time II illustrates the Dalinian obsession of time through the melting clock, one of Dalí’s best-known images, whose origin is the famous 1931 painting The Persistence of Memory.

The sculpture Profile of Time captures Dalí’s obsession and his constant concern for the concept of time. For Dalí, time is not rigid, solid, nor precise, but soft and fluid. Time takes on different forms and varied duration based on individual meanings.

Salvador Dalí loved to surprise the observers and to invite them to participate actively in his art.

The event “Salvador Dalí – Surrealist Moments” will provide a unique opportunity to admire the works of the genius of Surrealism, the man who said: “The difference between the Surrealists and me, is that I am a Surrealist”, at the prestigious Hotel d’Angleterre in Copenhagen.

Visitors will be invited to experience true Surrealist Moments, to discover the many meanings hidden within the sculptures and etchings, and create their own personal, authentic interpretation.