Scenography used in the exhibition "Dalí 's Fantastic Universe" at the Yang Art Museum in Beijing.

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  • Scenography used in the exhibition "Dalí 's Fantastic Universe" at the Yang Art Museum in Beijing.
Friday, 2018, February 9

The set designs that welcome visitors inside the exhibition Dalí's Fantastic Universe" in Beijing, playfully reflect Dalí's personality and his extraordinary mind, distorted as it was by surreal fantasies.

The scenographic design and the lighting were developed by Heguang Media Company, which was founded in 2013 and specializes in the creation of scenographic set-ups and designer lighting. The company's activity mainly focuses on the creation and production of scenography and architectural lighting systems, for concerts, music festivals and the theatre.

The entire scenography of the exhibition Dalí 's Fantastic Universe was curated by Mrs. Wang Zhaokun, Director of the Yang Art Museum (YAM), and created in collaboration with the Heguang Media Company.

Among the scenic elements, which are the background to the presentation of works of art, there is also the figure of Dalí in wax seated in a bathtub.  The figure of Dalí in ‘wax’ floating and suspended in a bath of clouds, is a surreal sight to behold.

A chessboard base on which the bathtub rests, is elevated and transformed into a surreal object with a dual function.

As in the painting Metamorphosis of Narcissus (1936) Dalí illustrates himself on a pedestal, which is placed on a chessboard, observing the figure of Narcissus as he gazes at his reflection in the water. The open armed figure of Dalí in the bathtub, is inviting the viewer into his surrealist universe.

Every scenographic detail in the exhibition, tells the story of the life and art of Dalí.

It is no coincidence that on the roof of the tallest installation stands the word DALÍ, representing crutches and bones, symbols of death and rebirth.

The windows frame drawers as if they were paintings, alluding to their three-dimensionality.

Reality and surreality coexist in the same exhibition space, placed next to the surreal scenography, the Vis-à-Vis sofa, upholstered in shocking pink fabric, the Leda table, the Cajones lamps are on display, furniture design objects created by Dalì.

Every visitor to Beijing’s Dalí's Fantastic Universe will discover the depths of surrealism buried in Dalí ’s mind