Salvador Dalí at the Clarendon Fine Art - Chelsea, London.

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Tuesday, 2020, August 11


The Dalí Universe is proud to collaborate with the Whitewall Galleries and Clarendon Fine Art, in London, with an extraordinary exhibition that shows the artistic sculptural production of Salvador Dalí alongside the contemporary art works by leading international artists.

The exhibition presents a selection from the collection of the Dalí Universe sculptures in a multiple edition, alongside the permanent collection, within the spaces of the Art Gallery located in 131 Kings Road, the long avenue in London, situated in the district of Chelsea.

The exhibition is the result of a fruitful collaboration between the Dalí Universe and the Whitewall Galleries and Clarendon Fine Art, bringing the exceptional collection of bronze sculptures conceived by the master of Surrealism to London; a unique opportunity to admire the wealth of the Dalinian surrealist iconography that the Catalan artist created during his lifetime.

The beautiful Clarendon Fine Art Gallery at Kings Road, Chelsea, shows 4 sculptures part of the Dalí Universe Collection.

Salvador Dalí was not only a painter, but a multi-faceted artist in the true sense of the word. The master of Surrealism never limited himself to painting and two-dimensional works of art.

“Painting is an infinitely minute part of my personality” said Dalí.

The multiple editions bronze sculpture Nobility of Time will illustrate to the public the Dalinian obsession of time through the melting clock, one of Dalí’s best-known images, whose origin is the famous 1931 painting The Persistence of Memory.

The theme of the passing of time deeply troubled Dalí, who stated: "The mechanical object was to become my worst enemy, and as for watches, they would have to be soft, or not be at all”.

The sculpture Alice in Wonderland will present the visitors with the iconic Dalinian image of the young and eternal girl protagonist of the Lewis Carroll novel, who appears in many of Dalì’s paintings around the 1930’s.

“The elegant and legendary English noblewoman Lady Godiva will feel very at home at Clarendon Fine Art” said James Sanders, Project Manager of the Dalí Universe.

In the sublime sculpture Lady Godiva with Butterflies, Dalí adds a surreal touch, adorning Lady Godiva’s body with four fluttering butterflies, symbols often used in his artwork. Symbols of the soul and of change, butterflies insinuate rebirth, infinite transformations, metamorphosis, and natural beauty.

In the sculpture Saint George and the dragon, Salvador Dalí has transformed the traditional iconography of Saint George, martyr-horseman who, reaching the vicinity of Selene, frees the Princess from the dragon, in a symbolic and interpretative work. The faces of Saint George and of the Princess are without exterior details, the wings of the dragon change into flames and its tongue takes the form of a crutch, one of Dalí’s favourite symbolic elements.