Salvador Dalí in Kungshamn, Sweden. The Mollbrink’s Art Gallery presents the exhibition “It's all about SCULPTURES!”.

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  • Salvador Dalí in Kungshamn, Sweden. The Mollbrink’s Art Gallery presents the exhibition “It's all about SCULPTURES!”.
Thursday, 2020, July 9


The exhibition “It's all about SCULPTURES!” will be inaugurated this Friday, 10 July, with the exhibition of the Salvador Dalí sculptures at the Mollbrink’s Art Gallery, located in the picturesque town of Kungshamn, in northern Sweden.

It is an exhibition organised by the Mollbrink’s Art Gallery in collaboration with the Dalí Universe and Sotenäs Municipality. This year the exhibition’s core will be the sculpture “Persistence of Memory”, conceived by Salvador Dalí in 1980.

Almost two metres tall, this bronze sculpture illustrates one of the most famous images of twentieth century art: the famous melting watch that the artist presented for the first time in his painting “The Persistence of Memory” of 1931, the core of the collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) since 1934.

“Scandinavia hosts this iconic Dalinian work for the first time, offering the extraordinary opportunity to admire an ingenious sculpture, full of symbolism and hidden meanings inside the Mollbrink’s Art Gallery” announced James Sanders, Project Manager of the Dalí Universe.

“It is our honour to be able to exhibit the work that illustrates the famous melting watch of Salvador Dalí in bronze in our Art Gallery in Kungshamn” declares Johan W. Hauffman, director of the Mollbrink’s Art Gallery.

The portrayal of time through the melting clocks is one of Salvador Dalí’s most ingenious intuitions. Not only was the famous Catalan master capable of condensing the complex and difficult concept of time in a work, but he was also the first artist to bring the subconscious content of the human mind to sculpture, transforming it into three-dimensional and surreal images.

“Soft watches are nothing more than paranoiac critical Camembert, soft, extravagant and unique in space and time” said Salvador Dalí.

In the sculpture “Persistence of Memory” the Catalan genius illustrated time as a Camembert cheese melting and represented his deep concern for the concept of time.

“Dalí created an unexpected contradiction, overturning the concept of time and attributing a soft and malleable appearance to a hard and precise object like a clock. The result is a fascinating image” explains James Sanders, who will be present at the inauguration of the exhibition, adding that the “Persistence of Memory” is his favourite work.

Beside the work “Persistence of Memory” it will be possible to admire a selection of Dalí multiple sculptures, part of a limited edition from the Dalí Universe Collection, including “Profile of Time” and “Dance of Time III”, beside the works of other internationally famous contemporary artists.

The exhibition “It's all about SCULPTURES!” will be open throughout the summer of 2020.