January 23rd 2019: the 30th Anniversary of Dalí's Death

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  • January 23rd 2019: the 30th Anniversary of Dalí's Death
Wednesday, 2019, January 23

2019 marks the 30th year since the death of Dalí and the Dalí Universe is commemorating #30AfterDali in a variety of ways. The 23rd of January is the anniversary of the great artist’s passing, he died at the age of 84, in Figueras, Spain. He was undoubtedly the most famous of the surrealists, pronouncing, ‘the only difference between myself and surrealism is that I am Surrealism’.

Dalí Universe is marking the occasion with a calendar of events for 2019; involving art fairs, galleries and international exhibitions and with a special limited edition catalogue of the Multiple Sculpture Collection, only 350 copies will be printed. Universally recognized, Dalí is capable of inspiring artists and collectors alike, even today, thirty years after his passing. This stands as testament to his position as an icon of twentieth century art.

Dalí Paris ( www.Dalíparis.com) situated in the heart of Montmartre, will be the focus of the celebrations. Curators have prepared a packed calendar of events for this commemorative year. The exhibition space will start the commemorative year with Death and Immortality, in January 2019. The space will exhibit, graphics from ‘Ten Recipes for Immortality and artworks  by French contemporary artist Corine Borgnet, to underline the influence that Dalí still has upon contemporary artists and their creative process.

The Italian city of Matera is marking the 30th anniversary of Dalí’s death with the exhibition ‘Salvador Dalí: The Persistence of Opposites in the Rupestrian Church of the Madonna delle Virtù (Our Lady of Virtues) and San Nicola dei Greci (St. Nicholas of the Greeks). Beniamino Levi wished to link this event to commemorating Dalí, by organising an exhibition in surreal and atmospheric Matera, Italy. According to Levi, holding the exhibition in Matera’s ancient rock complex, ‘creates an exciting link, between Dalí and Italy, a link that began in 1935’.

Dalí Universe #30AfterDalí has various exhibitions planned for 2019, including Prague in the Spring.  Part of the artwork collection will also be on display for the first time ever in Minsk, Belarus during 2019.

I will be a genius and the world will admire me’ Dalí said. Since his death 30 years ago, Dalí has rarely been out of the public eye. As Dalí said, ‘I have entertained the public for 40 years, without stopping,  in a monstrously cynical world.’

Dalí’s wish was to remain immortal. Through promoting his life and artworks, the Dalí Universe along with Dalí Paris, the flagship exhibition space located in Paris, will ensure that Dalí will always remain in the public eye.