Espace Dalí in Paris Hosts Important Visitors

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Monday, 2017, June 12

During Spring this year, Espace Dalí, Paris’s only museum dedicated to Dalí, welcomed some important visitors. One was Mr Wu Weishan, director of the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC), in Beijing and the second was Bai Baihe, the famous Chinese actress.

The purpose of Mr Wei Weishan’s visit was to view the collection of artworks at Espace Dalí and to gain inspiration, whilst working with prize-winning French architect Jean Nouvel on a new project to create modern buildings for the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC).

Espace Dalí was chosen by Tencent the Chinese media giant, as the prime location in Paris for filming, due to its unique historical setting in Montmartre. Baihe is a famous Chinese actress, one of the highest paid in China; she made her TV debut in 2006 and she solidified her status as a box office queen in 2015 with a fantasy comedy film ‘Monsters Hunt’.

Bai Baihe presented a film about Paris, introducing the city, part of which was filmed in the museum itself, with the Dalí sculptures as backdrop.

Baihe said of Espace Dalí, “My visit was fantastic, yet still there are so many secrets about Dalí that I didn’t have time to explore. It is a place that I will come back to again."