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Tuesday, 2018, March 20

Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso were two of the most regarded artists of the 20th century. 

There was a strong connection between Picasso and Dalí, both Spanish born, two artistic giants of the twentieth century, and that their relationship, both personal and artistic is well documented.  Dalí, of course, was younger than Picasso, and looked up to the elder Picasso was born in 1881; older than Dalì by more than 20 years, he spent most of his working life in France. Founder of the cubist movement, and most famous for his ceramics 

When Dalí made his first visit to Paris, in 1926, he visited Picasso in his artist’s studio, just as Pablo was preparing for his first important solo show with Galerie Pierre Rosenberg. On that Visit, dai would have seen Picasso’s 1925 painting,’Still Life With Antique Bust ‘(1925). Dalí  reportedly told Picasso  he had come to Paris t see him only, before even touching foot in the historic Louvre museum, opened in 1793.

In 1934, Picasso apparently paid the trip for Dalí  and Gala to visit New York for the first time., Dalí  previously had sent letters of admiration to Picasso,  flattering and idolizing him.

Both artists reacted to the onslaught of the Spanish civil war in the 1930s by creating masterpieces, Picasso’ Guernica (1937) and Dalí ’s Soft Construction with Boiled Beans ( 1935).

The admiration and simultaneous rivalry, was apparent though their whole lives,  Picasso’s  endeavors in cubism encouraged Dalí  to experiment with shape and form, he realised that cubism  was the structure from which his three dimensional art take shape

Both painters admired Diego Velazquez, the seventeenth century Spanish painter famous for ’Las Meninas’. Both Dalí  and Picasso created works as tributes to the painter and his most famous artwork.