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Wednesday, 2020, October 14


“One of the most irresistible books of the year”.

Time, October 1942.


“I am thirty-seven years old. It is July 30th, 1941, the day I promised my publisher I would finish this manuscript. […] I have just finished writing this long book of the secrets of my life, for this life that I have lived, this alone, gives me authority to be heard. And I want to be heard. […] Since 1929 I have ceaselessly studied the processes, the discoveries of the special sciences of the last hundred years. […] Heaven is what I have been seeking all along and through the density of confused and demoniac flesh of my life – heaven! […] And what is heaven? Where is it to be found? Heaven is to be found, neither above nor below, neither to the right nor to the left, heaven is to be found exactly in the center of the bosom of the man who has faith!”.

These are the words with which Salvador Dalí ends his autobiography “The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí” that was published in October 1942 by the Dial Press of New York and enjoyed widespread praise from both the public and critics. “Time” described it as: “one of the most irresistible books of the year”.


From next week, until the end of November 2020, you are invited to celebrate with us #TheSecretLife of Salvador Dalí.

We will share with you the most original and bizarre quotations taken from the autobiography “The Secret Life” of Salvador Dalí written by the Catalan artist and dedicated “to Gala, Gradiva, she who advances”  with the desire to reveal “Dalí’s Secrets” and the infinite interpretations that each one of us may attribute to his vast artistic production.

“Since this may become true for everyone, and since there are all sorts of advantages in being able to look upon things in this way, I shall explain these and many other enigmas, even stranger and no less exact, in the course of this sensational book” stated Dalí in the prologue of his autobiography “The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí”, adding: “One thing, at least, is certain: everything, absolutely everything, that I shall say here is entirely and exclusively my own fault”.

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The secret Life of Salvador Dalí, Salvador Dalí, 1942.