Wednesday, 2015, September 2

The first Salvador Dali artwork in the Collection to arrive in Shanghai, was presented to the awaiting press on 26th August in Shanghai, in preparation for the exhibition ‘Dali’s Fantastic Universe’, set to open at  the Bund 18 building later this month.

Shanghai’s Tix- Media,in collaboration with the Stratton Foundation & UEG Group,  will present DALI’S FANTASTIC UNIVERSE’ at the Bund 18, Shanghai, China, from 26th September 2015 to 10th January 2016.

President of the  Stratton Foundation , Beniamino Levi, conducted  the opening ceremony, and was interviewed by press and media  as the ’ Nobility of Time’ bronze sculpture, was unveiled from its crate.  The sculpture, portraying a watch draped across a tree, topped by a crown, symbolizes time’s mastery over man; the soft watch being one of  Salvador Dali’s most repeated iconographic symbols.

During the press conference Mr Levi explained his involvement with Salvador Dali, a collaboration that began during the 1960s and continued for many years. Levi encouraged Dali to sculpt; and at 87 years old, is one of the few remaining acquaintances of Dali still alive today.

The Stratton Foundation and Tix Media produced an incredibly successful press conference, in anticipation of the show’s opening on 26th September!