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Monday, 2015, August 3

26th September 2015 - 10th January 2016.  
This autumn, Tix Media in collaboration with the Stratton Foundation & UEG Group will  present over 250 artworks at ‘Dali’s Fantastic Universe’ in Shanghai.
The Dali Universe is a cohesive exhibition of Dalinian artwork, exhibited in over 100 museums worldwide  and seen by over 10 million people. Curator of the collection and President of the Stratton Foundation, Mr Benjamin Levi; an avid collector and expert of Dalí, has assembled the Collection over the past forty years, selecting each artwork in order to bring various aspects of Dalí’s lifework to the public eye.

Over twenty four large size bronze sculptures will be on show on the 4th floor of the Bund 18, and the towering four metre high bronze Alice in Wonderland will greet visitors as they enter the building’s lobby.

Artworks on display include the most important and largest grouping of bronze sculptures, such as the ‘Space Elephant’ and the ‘Persistence of Memory”. Ten original Tarot collages, created by Dali during the 1960’s, Dalí inspired furniture, and the Mae West’s Lips sofa remind us that Salvador Dalí was a multi-facetted artist who explored a wide range of themes and materials.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is Salvador Dalí’s vast and mesmerising original oil painting ‘Spellbound’; it was created for the set of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1945 Hollywood movie.

The ‘Bund18’ is a  stunning 1923 column-fronted building built in the popular neo-classical style. It offers unparalleled panoramic views of the Huangpu River and Pudong district.

Bund18 has been carefully restored by a team of Venetian architects, setting  a new standard in Shanghai for heritage revitalization,  and indeed  winning the 2006 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Award of Excellence for Culture Heritage Conservation.

The Stratton Foundation is  dedicated to the universal influence of Salvador Dalí, and has played a major role in organising exhibitions jointly with various international museums and cultural institutions. The President of the Stratton Foundation, Beniamino Levi, personally knew Salvador Dali.

Tix Media is Shanghai Tix Media Co., Ltd. is a leading company specializing in organizing international high-standard art exhibitions. Shanghai Tix Media Co., Ltd. is committed to introducing excellent art collections from internationally renowned museums; the company dedicates itself to fostering an understanding of Western art in Chinese audiences and improving the cultural and artistic heritage of  China.