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Tuesday, 2017, September 12

The art and fashion exhibition Dalí x Yorkville Village opened September 7th in Toronto. The exhibit is the first of its kind in Canada and shines the spotlight on the connection that Salvador Dalí had with the world of fashion. The opening of the exhibition which coincided with Toronto’s Fashion Week was honoured with the presence of the internationally celebrated designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

The sculptures from the Dalí Universe collection not only represent a significant aspect of three dimensional surrealism but have also been selected to highlight Dalí’s interest in fashion.

The Venus figure in the Homage to Fashion sculpture, poses in the stance of a 'supermodel', with a head of roses, the most exquisite of flowers. Her face lacks definition, allowing the admirer to imagine any face they desire. On bended knee we observe a dignified gentleman, a 'dandy' paying homage to the female muse.

Dalí's relationship with the world of haute couture began in the 1930s through his work with Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli and Vogue magazine, and lasted throughout his lifetime. The concept that art and fashion are an extension of each other is brought dramatically to life with the Dalí Universe remarkable collection Dalí à la Mode.

Six designer dresses inspired by the surrealist icon demonstrate his timeless influence on the world of haute couture.  Franco Moschino’s whimsical T-shirt dress pays homage to the Spanish master using hair to enliven Dalí’s moustache which hangs impossibly long to the end of the dress. The garment is a bold statement of intrigue, eccentricity and amusement…all essentially Dalí. Another notorious name is Stewart Parvin, who has been designing clothes for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth since 2000. His dress takes inspiration from Dalí’s iconic Mae West, her bold red lips reinterpreted on luxurious black double wool crepe.

A total of 30 artworks mixing sculpture, graphics and garments are on display. The monumental sculpture Woman Aflame, towering almost a four meters tall, is placed outside the mall. For Dalí ‘a woman’s mystery is her true beauty’, depicted here through his use of flames and drawers that convey the unconscious desire and the mystery of hidden secrets.

Yorkville Village is the proud host of this surreal and unique event which runs till the end of the month. 

Photo © George Pimentel Photography