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Wednesday, 2020, December 2


“Dalí Universe is an experience, an immersion in the fervid and vibrant imagination of Salvador Dalí. We look forward to welcoming the public back to our global network of Dalí Universe visitor attractions as soon as possible. To support and honour the creative legacy of the Master of Surrealism, we now invite you to enjoy the experience of the Dali Universe at your fingertips!”


With these words, Beniamino Levi, President of the Dalí Universe, and globally acknowledged Modern Art expert, announces his desire to continue bringing the wealth of works of the Dalí Universe Collection “AT YOUR FINGERTIPS”.

THE DALI’ UNIVERSE EXHIBITIONS REMAIN OPEN ONLINE and, following up from the project which began in March 2020, during the first lockdown to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, they continue to give you the opportunity to know and visit the Dalí Universe Collection, in a period when some of the exhibitions are not accessible to the public.

Follow us on www.thedaliuniverse.com to learn about one of the largest private Collections of Salvador Dalí art works in the world.

The limited edition Multiple Sculptures Section has been recently updated with new IMAGES of the sculptures conceived by Salvador Dalí and enriched with new DESCRIPTIVE TEXT, to offer you an online visual, aesthetic and intellectual experience, a preview “experience” that you will be able to relive when the Dalí Universe exhibitions reopen.

We will continue our journey "Inside the Dalinian Universe" with #InsideDaliUniverse, to discover the countless SYMBOLS and evocations that Salvador Dalì wanted to show us through his vast artistic production.

While looking forward to our exhibitions reopening and returning to show the Dalí Universe Collection in the flesh, you can read the descriptions of the works of Salvador Dalí especially written for the new Multiples CATALOGUE on the thirtieth anniversary of the death of Salvador Dalí (#30AfterDali).

#DaliUniverse4You will bring Salvador Dalí's limited edition Collection of Multiple Sculptures “at your fingertips”, telling you in detail about the hidden meanings behind Dalí's marvellous bronze sculptures. The content will be presented in 4 LANGUAGES, English, Italian, French and Spanish, as it appears in the Catalogue.

During the months of October and November 2020, we celebrated with you #TheSecretLife of Salvador Dalí written by the Catalan artist, by presenting you the most original and bizarre QUOTATIONS taken from the autobiography “The Secret Life” of Salvador Dalí, with the desire to reveal the #DaliSecrets and the infinite interpretations that each one of us may attribute to his vast artistic production. We paired an image of a sculpture from the Dalí Universe Collection to each quotation, presenting a detail, extracted for you from the multiples Catalogue, and a photograph taken by you during the visit to an exhibition curated by the Dalí Universe. Re-read the quotations and review the photos using the search function with the hashtag: #DaliSecrets.

#DaliAtHome Series will continue bring the works of the Dalí Universe Collection purchased by the customers of the Art Galleries, with which we have the honour of collaborating, “at your fingertips” and will present a selection of works from the Dalí Universe Collection beside contemporary paintings and sculptures created by artists of international fame.


“My adventure as a collector of  Salvador Dalí's works, as well as my personal relationship with him, began in the early Seventies. Since them my objective has been, and still is, that of ensuring the global circulation and appreciation of the creative genius of Dalí in the third dimension” says Beniamino Levi, adding: “In today's society, where online communication offers access to the information wherever we are, although the soul of the museum experience is - and continues to be - that of being able to personally experience the visit to the exhibitions and to find yourself in front of the extraordinary works of art of the Catalan genius, we would like to continue to bring at your fingertips a part of Dalí’s work. And to enrich your next encounter with the Dalí Universe, while longing for a return to travelling and visiting THE DALI’ UNIVERSE EXHIBITIONS IN THE FLESH and the works of the Master of Surrealism within our exhibitions, I will tell you about my adventure as a collector of Dalí's works”.


Dalí Universe with Beniamino Levi (#DaliUniverse_Levi) is a series drawn from interviews, texts and articles in which the President of the Dalí Universe, Beniamino Levi RECOUNTS his personal adventure as a collector and his ambitious project to bring together the works of “Dalí the Sculptor” in a vast collection to make them known all over the world.

And all this will be AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!

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Thank you from the Dalí Universe Team.