Dalí Universe presents the surrealist masterpiece “Mamma Matera” by Charles Billich.

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  • Dalí Universe presents the surrealist masterpiece “Mamma Matera” by Charles Billich.
Tuesday, 2020, September 22


Today, Tuesday 22nd September 2020, the rock complex Madonna delle Virtù and San Nicola dei Greci located in Matera, will host an exclusive event, specially created for the official presentation of the surrealist masterpiece Mamma Matera, made by the famous surrealist artist Charles Billich.

It is a work that illustrates and concentrates the Dalinian universe and the uniqueness of the architecture of the City of the Sassi of Matera around a spiral, that hosts the exhibition dedicated to Salvador Dalí “The Persistence of the Opposites”.

Just like in his paintings Jerusalem, Shanghai and Sydney Symphony, in the surrealist work Mamma Matera, Billich illustrates and documents in detail his personal experience through painting.

Along an ascending spiral staircase, similar to the one painted in the Homage to Matera, Billich illustrates the sculptures of Salvador Dalí belonging to the Dalí Universe collection exhibited inside the stone complex, and the bronze works of monumental dimension installed in the Sassi city.

At the centre of the composition, Charles Billich condenses the architecture of the city of Matera, transforming it into a large and unique complex that becomes a “totem” with the Cathedral dedicated to Madonna della Bruna and Saint Eustache, the main Catholic place of Worship of Matera, at its apex.

“It is interesting to note how Charles Billich has managed to illustrate the unique atmosphere of the City of the Sassi, going back several thousand years, and the sculptures of Salvador Dalí in his work Mamma Matera, capturing the complex personality and the countless meanings present in his works” asserts Beniamino Levi, President of the Dalí Universe.

For James Sanders, Project Manager of the Dalí Universe, the surrealist masterpiece Mamma Matera “marvellously reveals the fantastic, surreal and symbolic aspect that characterises the works of Salvador Dalí, illustrated with the unique style of the great contemporary surrealist artist Charles Billich”.

The event organised by the Dalí Universe in collaboration with Christopher Talbot, President and Founder of Art Evolution.com, will be curated by James Sanders who, on this occasion, will offer the public a special presentation with the aim of analysing the personalities and the similarities present in the surrealist art of Dalí and Billich.

Mamma Matera will be the “matrix” to show the audience present the numerous images and the many hidden meanings inside the Dalinian universe and illustrated by the artist Charles Billich, considered by Christopher Talbot as: “one of the most important living artists in the world and at age 86 is one of the most credentialed artists of all time”.

Christopher Talbot, publisher of the surrealist work Mamma Matera by Charles Billich, will be present at the event scheduled for 5 pm at the terrace of the bar beside the exhibition “Salvador Dalí “The Persistence of the Opposites”.