Dalí, The Real Surreal in Miami Beach, Florida.

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Friday, 2020, November 20


“Without my surrealism, Surrealism would never have been what it is”.

Salvador Dalí


This Friday 20 November 2020 the exhibition “Dalí, The Real Surreal” presented by the Art Gallery Marcel Katz Art/The Art Plug of Miami, will be inaugurated at The Confidante Miami Beach, in Florida, in collaboration with Dalí Universe and co-curated by Bertrand Epaud, Project Manager of the Dalí Universe and Marcel Katz.

The exhibition will give the opportunity of admiring eight limited edition multiple sculptures, a museum-size sculpture and a selection of graphic works which are part of the Dalí Universe Collection, and will allow visitors to discover how Salvador Dalí may, still today, provide new food for thought, above all in these unprecedented times, scarred by the Covid-19 pandemic and by the struggle of man against the invisible enemy.

The centrepiece of the exhibition will be the bronze work Saint George and the dragon, conceived by Salvador Dalí in 1977, which occupies an important place in the Dalian Universe and is a creation full of symbolic references and hidden meanings connected to the dualism between good and evil.

In this sculpture, Salvador Dalí has transformed the traditional iconography of Saint George, martyr-horseman who frees the Princess of Selene from the dragon, in a symbolic and interpretative work. The Saint, without a halo, is the horseman in shining armour, portrayed at the moment of his triumph over evil, as he inflicts the mortal blow to the dragon.   

“For the first time, The Art Plug in collaboration with The Confidante Miami Beach presents this iconic Dalinian work, offering the extraordinary opportunity of admiring an ingenious sculpture, full of symbolism and hidden meanings” announced Bertrand Epaud, Project Manager of the Dalí Universe for the United States and the Middle East. The Dalí Universe is presided by Beniamino Levi, Italian art dealer and collector, who worked with Dalí in the 60’s.

“We are extremely honoured to present the Dalí Universe Collection in collaboration with The Art Plug at The Confidante Miami Beach, in Florida”, announced Beniamino Levi, “the exhibition - Dalí, The Real Surreal – will reveal the multi-faceted personality of the Master of Surrealism that, still today, continues to amaze, inspire and fascinate whoever stops to look at his works, famous all over the world”.

The exhibition “Dalí, The Real Surreal” is open until Sunday 17 January 2021.