Dalí in Sydney

Friday, 2018, November 16

Dalí Universe is proud to be in Sydney to present a selection of bronze sculpture and graphics, a part of its vast collection of Dalí artworks, amassed over 40 years by its president Beniamino Levi.  To celebrate the most revolutionary artist of the twentieth century, Dalí Universe have lent several artworks to be displayed alongside those of Charles Billich, the surrealist artist based in Australia.

The exhibition is currently taking place at Billich Gallery, at the historic ‘Sailor Home’ in the famous Sydney Rocks area, a building that used to house seafarers, in Sydney’s oldest quarter. It is of significant interest that a Dalí exhibition is taking place at this time, as January 2019 will mark thirty years since the artist’s death.

The gallery is showing three museum-sized bronze sculptures, ‘Woman of Time’, ‘Dance of Time II’ and ‘Horse saddled with Time’  conceived by Dalí during the 70’ and 80’s. These sculptures are dedicated to the theme of Time, ‘melting time’; and are illustrative of Dalí’s paranoiac critical theory, the surrealist technique used to create images and apparent optical illusions.

Dalí stated on more than one occasion: “The only difference between myself and Surrealism, is that I am Surrealism”; the bronze sculptures are exhibited alongside some of Dalí’s most important graphic artworks.

In the heart of the city, the monumental sculpture ‘Nobility of Time’ one of Dalí’s most iconic sculptures is on display along George Street opposite First Fleet Park. The monumental bronze sculpture, five metres tall, can be admired walking through Sydney’s historical centre, opposite the port area.

In his book “The Unspeakable Confessions of Salvador Dalí,” Dalí states: “
I am convinced of being part of the Cap de Creus landscape, and embodying the living nucleus of this place… I am inseparable from this sky, from this sea, from these rocks, bound forever in Port Lligat, where I have established my most genuine truths and roots.’.

In the sculptural work, ‘Nobility of Time’ Dalí represents the sovereignty of Time, the theme of time being one of his obsessions.

Exhibition dates November 2nd to January 21st 2019.