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Monday, 2019, February 11

This week heralds the Stockholm Antique and Arts fair ANTIKMÄSSAN 2019 taking place from 14th to 17th February in the Swedish capital.  

The Nordic region’s largest gathering of gallerists, curators and artists has over 250 exhibitors. Dalí sculptures are on display throughout Stockholm’s most historic piazzas and inside the art fair. Mollbrinks Art Gallery, co-organizers of the fair, are hosting Dalí lectures at the Art Fair, and an impressive Salvador Dalí restaurant is being opened in Stockholm specifically for the occasion! On the menù are dishes from Dalí’s 1973 eponymous cookbook Les Diners de Gala.

More than forty bronze Dalí sculptures, of which three in monumental size, will be shown in conjunction with the Dalí Universe. These bronze sculptures have travelled from Switzerland to Sweden and are installed in central Stockholm landmarks piazzas;

Kungsträdgarden, Norrmalmstorg and Brunkebergstorg.

The Persistence of Memory, standing at three metres tall and weighing almost three tons, is located in Brunkebergstorg square in Norrmalm financial district.

The Nobility of Time sculpture, has the theme of Time as its motivating force. Dalí's soft watch is draped against a tree, its roots entwining a stone. This impressive sculpture is found in Stockholm’s Kungsträdgarden park, the so-called, Kings garden’ noted for its statues and fountains.

The iconic Woman Aflame monumental sculpture, is in the beautiful central city square of Norrmalmstorg, the starting point of the city’s historic tramline. Weighing more than five tons, this sculpture unites two of the artist’s favorites motifs; the female figure with drawers and burning flames.

"This is a unique opportunity;  it will be powerful with these monumental sculptures of one of the world's greatest artists in place in the middle of the city," comments Roger Ticoalu, event manager of Stockholm City.

Other Dalínian artworks at the fair include bronze museum sized sculptures Dalínian Dancer, Dance of Time I, Snail and the Angel and Triumphant Angel.