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Thursday, 2013, June 6

It was 7:30 pm when the doors of Villa Fiorentino were opened and "The Dali Universe Sorrento" exhibition officially started.
A huge crowd gathered for the most important art exhibition which has ever reached Sorrento.
Over 100 Salvador Dalì artworks on display which pleased the public, which was satisfied to finally have an art exhibition of international scope in Sorrento.

Reservations from all around the world made the Director of Fondazione Sorrento, Mr. Luigi Gargiulo, rejoice: "I hope that the proceeds of this great event can lay the basis for achieving other events, even during winter. Maintaining continuity to this kind of events could be the key to tourism seasonal variations".

A great success also for the four statues in the town center, which helped create massive expectation.

Satisfaction was also expressed by mayor, Mr. Giuseppe Cuomo: "International fame has been achieved for this great and eccentric artist, as international is our town - says the mayor - The reason why we have decided to host the masterpieces that have characterized the art production by Salvador Dalì, is also to be found in the desire to offer a great opportunity to our citizens and guests. The exhibition, which will accompany most of the tourist season, gives one more reason to visit Sorrento and completes the offer in terms of culture".

The review dedicated to the master of Surrealism, in an exhibition which is unique in its kind, was curated by the president of "Stratton Foundation", Mr. Beniamino Levi, one of the personalities who has known Dalì’s work more closely, meeting personally both him and his entourage since the Sixties, in Paris, New York, and in his native Spain. This series of meetings inspired Levi in collecting his works, forming over the years one of the largest and most interesting collections in the world.

The rest has been done by the many companies in the area, which allowed the creation of a quality event which is difficult to imitate: Caruso Basilica, il Buco, Vela Bianca, Donna Sofia, pastry Primavera, winery company De Angelis, sugared almonds by Antonino Esposito, and the team of waiters by Mr. Lombardi, gave a touch of quality and prestige that left guests without words. Events like this one make Sorrento known throughout the world.

Article written by Livio Pane