Dalí Sculptures in Vico Morcote, Switzerland

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Monday, 2017, June 19

In Vico Morcote, a small community on the shores of Lake Lugano in Switzerland, Dalí bronze sculptures are being exhibited through the summer. In a joint collaboration between the Comune of Vico Morcote, the Dalí Universe and Perseo Art Foundry, four Dalí  sculptures are situated in various characteristic locations, in the borgo itself and at the nearby luxury ‘Swiss Diamond’ hotel.

Outside the baroque church of Vico Morcote, is the monumental Dalí sculpture St George and the Dragon. On a peaceful hillside overlooking lake Lugano, it stands in front of the west side of the church, with commanding views over the lake and to Monte Generoso. The sculpture portrays the traditional image of Saint George, a celebrated saint of chivalry; the dragon’s tongue is a crutch, a favorite Dalínian image

A smaller sculpture, the Femme Giraffe or Venus a la Giraffe, is located in the borgo of Vico Morcote, has a head of a Venus placed atop the neck of a giraffe. The giraffe-like neck and lengthy extension of the drawer, paradoxically, give the sculpture a classical equilibrium which creates an air of balance and harmony. The artwork is located just a short walk from the church, along the already well established sculpture trail in Vico Morcote where other artists sculptural works can be discovered.

A short drive down the winding mountain road brings you to the old fishing village of Morcote. The second monumental sculpture Nobility of Time, is outside the hotel ‘Swiss Diamond’ on the lake shore. Driving past the hotel, the sculpture, at five meters tall, is impossible to miss. Dalí  depicts the transience of time in this image, he identifies time’s mastery over humans; in fact  the watch is one of Dalì ‘s most recurring symbols.

Homage to Fashion graces the lobby of the hotel, situated on the shore of Lake Lugano. In this sculpture, Dalí pays homage to the world of fashion with which he was involved with from the 1930s when he worked with Coco Chanel , Vogue magazine and Elsa Schiaparelli.

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