Dalí sculpture in the film ‘Love off the Cuff’

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Friday, 2017, June 2

Many films feature artworks from famous artists, now a recently released Chinese film has a scene featuring a sculpture from the Spanish artist Salvador Dalí.

The Dalí multiple sculpture featured in a scene in the movie “Love off the Cuff” which was released in April this year. The film is a romantic comedy directed by Pang Hocheung, (a Hong Kong based novelist, playwright, filmmaker and actor) starring actors Miriam Yeung and Shawn Yue. Yeung is a Hong Kong based actress, and singer, who in 2012 won Best Actress Award at the Hong Kong Film Festival. Yue, also Hong Kong based, is an actor, singer and model.

The film is part of a trilogy staring the same actors, the first film was entitled, ‘Love in a Puff,’ the second ‘Love in the Buff’.

Filmed in Hong Kong and Taipei, it has been a huge box office success.

In the scene which features the sculpture, the male lead comments, ‘It’s Dalí, it’s Dalí! Do you know that each man should buy a Dalí ?’

This sculptural image has always been very popular in China. Salvador Dalí symbolizes the strength and supremacy of God, which is represented by the ‘thumb’ from which all life emerges (the branches of the trees). To the right of this divine being, stands humanity: a man bursting with life's vitality .

This multiple sculpture comes from the Dalí Universe Collection.