Dalí sculpture exhibition in Kungshamn (Sweden)

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Friday, 2017, July 14

This summer, a small coastal community in Sweden is the wonderful, and somewhat Surreal, location of a Salvador Dalí sculpture exhibition. Large Salvador Dalí sculptures have been positioned as public artworks and arranged alongside a beautifully curated gallery exhibition devoted to The Master of Surrealism. This Scandinavian celebration of Salvador Dalí is also part of the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Mollbrink’s:  a historic Scandinavian gallery dynasty.

The main Mollbrink’s Gallery is located in the large Swedish town of Uppsala, where it has operated since the 1970s. Mollbrink’s presents Scandinavian and International fine art ranging from the 19th century to Contemporary.  Director Lars Mollbrink opened the Mollbrink’s gallery in 1974 and it is now run by a third-generation family member.

For the summer of 2017 the Mollbrink’s team decided to bring an ambitious cultural project to the small fishing village of Kungshamn on the west coast of Sweden (80 kilometres north of Gothenburg). The project has been a critical and commercial success. Two prominent Dalí sculptures have been situated in popular public squares overlooking the port of Kungshamn - close to the gallery itself (Surrealist Warrior and The Nobility of Time).  The centre-piece of the gallery exhibition is the Horse Saddled with Time.  The picturesque northern Swedish town of Kungshamn is located in an area known for its fishing, this industry along with tourism, which doubles the town’s population in the summer.

Mollbrink’s welcomes visitors to this exciting Dalí show, where, in addition to bronze sculptures the exhibition also features on display a beautiful selection of hand signed graphic artworks, many detailed and fascinating explanatory panels, clips from Dalí’s films and excerpts from his books.

Highlights include scenes from Dalí’s’ 1929 film, ‘An Andalusian Dog ( Un Chien Andalou). The silent surrealist film, unique in its genre will be played on a loop in the art gallery. A lavish surreal and erotic cookbook Les Diners de Gala, written by Salvador Dalí in collaboration with his wife Gala is also on display for the public to view (originally published in 1973 in French, it was reissued in 2016 with English translations and became a bestseller).

The exhibition runs until 3rd August.