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Thursday, 2016, July 7

The 45th anthological exhibition in Acquiterme opening in July 2016, will present a series of Dalí artworks, which were created using varied materials and techniques.

As with all the great surrealists,   Ernest, Lam, Matta, Magritte, Masson, Picabia, De Chirico, Salvador Dalí was perhaps the only one who  had fully embodied the spirit of the movement and affirmed, ‘ the only difference between surrealism and me, is that I am surrealism’.

The exhibition, curated by architect Adolfo Francesco Carozzi, organized with the support of the Dalí Universe, offers artworks by the  Catalan artist  who always used highly expressive methods, from painting to sculpting, to graphics  to furniture design, he was always looking for new possibilities to use materials and techniques that were somewhat out of the ordinary.

The exhibition therefore seeks to highlight  artworks, that single out the great maestro’s inspirations : he took inspiration from  iconic paintings such as the “Persistence of Memory”  from 1931,  and the “Premonition of a Civil War” 1936  fundamental icons characterized  by Dali’s unique style of self -expression, which was often exaggerated and distorted.

The common theme running through the three-dimensional sculptural works on display and various graphic works illustrating some of the themes of literature, is the fact that Dali used various materials used for the execution of his art , in order to establish a persistent dialogue.

Despite different textures and different physical characteristics of the various materials used by the artist, Dali was able to express a unifying theme through recurring   symbols and  images ( soft watches, crutches).

The exhibited works show the powerful effect of the transformation of iconographic images from famous Dalí paintings into three-dimensional forms, confirming the artist’s constant fascination with certain symbols and subjects.

His sculptural work also highlights his expressive method,  that makes Dali’s artworks unique and instantly recognizable.

Six sculptures that embody surrealism are on exhibit; The Space Elephant, The Persistence of Memory, The Woman of Time, St. George and the Dragon and the Giraffe Woman.

A series of graphic works on paper, reflect an artist who has always had admiration for great literary works, and his desire to achieve a surrealistic interpretation of them ; (Pantagruel, Bestiary de Lafontaine).

Glass sculptures cast with pate-du-verre, such as The Triomphale and the Guitare, are fruit of Dali's collaboration with the French glassmaker   Cristallerie Daum glass works. The colors of the glass used are perfect to express the concept of metamorphosis, which was the founding principle of surrealism.

To complete the variety of artworks on offer, there are also present twelve objects in gold, (including Glorious Sun, Avida Dollars and the Dalí Flower) and   also an item of Dalinian furniture, the Leda chair.

Under the arcades of the New Terme Hotel arcades,   the monumental sculpture in bronze ‘Profile of Time’ will be located, creating a strong   visual impact.

The exhibition, spread throughout the five rooms of the Palazzo Saracco, will open in Friday 15th July at 6pm and will run to 4th September. Open daily 10- 13 / 1630- 2230.