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Friday, 2018, December 14

This winter from early December to April 2019, Dalí sculpture returns to the mountain peaks in France, in the historic ski resort of Courchevel.  Dalí sculpture was first exhibited in this location in 2009, ten years on this return is being celebrated with another extraordinary outdoor show, together with sculpture by French contemporary artist Richard Orlinski.

Five monumental bronze Dalí sculptures are in stunning mountain settings, mostly snow covered. The temperature this week in Courchevel is set to be between  2°C e -6°C!

Place du Rocher in Courchevel, home to the Tourism office, has three monumental sculptures in its centre, Woman Aflame, Unicorn and Profile of Time. The monumental Horse Saddled with Time and Alice in Wonderland, along with three museum sized sculptures, Lady Godiva with Butterflies, Dalínian Dancer and Dance of Time I, are also on loan, and are on display in various locations.

L’Art au Sommet (Art at the Summit) has been organized by Courchevel Ski Resort and Galleries Bartoux. A cable car has been wonderfully decorated to mark the event, with Dalínian images for all skiers to see. For a few years, Courchevel has promoted artists in this superb outdoor location, creating a real open-air museum.

These large sized sculptures placed in Courchevel, are amongst the most famous iconographic images created by Dalí during his lifetime.

All sculptures are on loan from the Dalí Universe, forming part of its large collection of Dalí artworks.