Dalí has arrived at Shenzhen for the first time. “不可思议——达利全球巡展” The “Fantastic Dalí” exhibition.

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  • Dalí has arrived at Shenzhen for the first time. “不可思议——达利全球巡展” The “Fantastic Dalí” exhibition.
Friday, 2019, November 22


The MixC Shopping Mall hosts the “Fantastic Dalí” exhibition, for the first time in Shenzhen, the largest Chinese city in the province of Guangdong, with 12 million inhabitants.

MixC is the largest shopping mall located in the district of Luohu, in the bay of Shenzhen, that includes the building housing the World Finance Center and also two luxury hotels. This mega luxury-shopping centre occupies three blocks and covers 6 floors, which house the city's largest cinema, an Olympic-size ice-skating rink, refined restaurants and shops offering the most prestigious brands, like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Cartier and Gucci, to mention just a few.

Organised by the Dalí Universe in collaboration with Shenzhen Mao Industries founded by Mr Han Shiying, the exhibition “Fantastic Dalí” presents 140 works of art, including bronze sculptures, graphic works, glass-paste sculptures and gold sculptures, that show the variety of means of expression that the Catalan artist chose to represent his favourite surrealist icons.

The exhibition was opened to the public on Friday 15th November and can be visited until 16th February 2020.

The works of the Dalí Universe Collection were installed in the MixC Shopping Mall starting from Friday 8th November, inside four areas situated on the first floor, with the objective of creating an exhibition itinerary that starts in the large atrium and continues inside the subsequent three exhibition rooms that offer the visitor the possibility of understanding the multi-faceted aspects of the Catalan artist from close-up through the presentation of Dalí's rich iconographic art, to a strikingly spectacular backdrop.

The monumental-size bronze sculpture “Nobilty of Time”, that illustrates the characteristic Dalian symbol of time, has been positioned in front of the new landmark of Shenzhen, the headquarter building of China Resources. Dalí's soft watch, like a soft drape, rests on the trunk of a tree and has an overall height of almost 5 metres.

The exhibition inside the MixC Shopping Mall presents some museum-size works of the Dalí Universe Collection that Mr. Beniamino Levi, President of the Dalí Universe started collecting in the Seventies, following his meeting with Salvador Dalí. Amongst them the “Space Elephant”, the “Persistence of Memory” and “Saint George and the Dragon”.

Beside these museum-size sculptures some small statues are exhibited that Dalí created during the course of his life to illustrate his surrealist themes and iconographic images in bronze. The sculpture “Rhinoceros Habille en Dentelles”, that Dalí created in 1956, is a homage to the rhinoceros as a “cosmic” animal.

Amongst the works belonging to the gold artworks corpus, the visitors to the exhibition can admire the “Mafalda Davis Cutlery Set”, the result of the collaboration between Dalí and the extravagant designer Mafalda Davis. While the Daum artworks, one of the most interesting collections in the world of coloured glass sculptures, coming from the artistic collaboration between Dalí and the prestigious French glassmakers Daum Cristallerie, include ”Anti-Fleur”, “Cyclope” and “Oeil de Pâques”.

Dalí's rich surrealist iconography is also exhibited thanks to the extraordinary illustrations that the artist of Surrealism created during his lifetime. The exhibition “Fantastic Dalí” presents a selection of ten illustrated books and 100 graphic works of the Dalí Universe Collection.

The spectacular artistic creativeness of Dalí can also be admired through the visit of the painted series of universal “Tarots” that Dalí created with the collage, watercolour and gouache technique in the Seventies.

The second pavilion houses the work of art “Mae West Lips sofa”, the world famous surrealist object that Dalí created by taking the lips of the actress Mae West as reference.

The visitors to the “Fantastic Dalí” exhibition will be invited to celebrate the genius of Surrealism within the museum itinerary, the man who said: “Painting is an infinitely minute part of my personality”, thus obtaining an all-round perception of the Catalan artist.

From bronze to glass, from paper to gold, the “Fantastic Dalí” exhibition sheds light on the vast range of materials that allowed Dalí to transfer his extraordinary talents into art, showing an itinerary that opens the eyes to the Dalinian Universe.

It will be a truly “Fantastic” journey, to celebrate Salvador Dalì in the year that marks the thirtieth anniversary of the death of the great genius of Surrealism. A journey that, for the first time, takes Dalí and the Dalí Universe to the city of Shenzhen, in China.