“Dalí at d’Arenberg”, in Adelaide, Australia

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Thursday, 2019, March 28

A Salvador Dalí Art Exhibition “Dalí at d’Arenberg” is currently open to the public at the prestigious d’Arenberg winery in Adelaide, Australia. Exhibition dates are from March 1st to May 31st.

D’Arenberg is a historic world-class winery. Since 1912 the Osborn family have grown grapes and made wine in the picturesque surrounds of McLaren Vale. Today fourth generation family member Chester Osborn is at the winemaking helm, making distinctive wines using traditional methods in the winery and the vineyard.

A Salvador Dalí art exhibition in the iconic d’Arenberg Cube is a very surreal happening! The d’Arenberg Cube features a tasting room, restaurant, and a museum of wine, and for the next two months it provides a superb illuminated space for the Dalíanian artworks to exhibit in.

Art Evolution Australia in collaboration with the Dalí Universe, present an exhibition of rare iconic, bronze sculptures and graphic artworks at this very special location.

Next month on the 6th April the d’Arenberg Cube space will play host to a Surrealist ball, inspired by the Rothschild ball held in 1972, where distinguished guests such as Salvador Dalí and Audrey Hepburn wore extravagant outfits and partied in the Rothschild’s luxurious mansion in France.

The Nobility of Time Monumental sculpture, five meters tall, is on public display at the winery, creating a most impressive visual spectacle. Appropriately, 2019 is the 30th Anniversary of the passing of Salvador Dalí #30AfterDali and as such a special year for both the artist and for The Dalí Universe, who are working on a series of exciting events to celebrate this anniversary year.

A spokesperson from the Dalí Universe commented, ‘Dalí would have been inspired and enchanted by the d’Arenberg estate, he loved seeing his art displayed in unusual settings, and the d’Arenberg cube is precisely that!  The unique architecturally designed space provides the perfect backdrop for an exhibition of these important Dalí  sculptures and graphic artworks.  Dalí loved to party, and he would have been in his element at the 2019 d’Arenberg Cube Surrealist Ball!’.