Dalí Dance of Time I sculpture in Vancouver

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Wednesday, 2017, May 10

Dalí sculpture has arrived in the centre of downtown Vancouver. Last week saw the unveiling of the Dance of Time I sculpture at Chali Rosso gallery, Vancouver’s largest art gallery of European Modern masterworks. The sculpture will relocate on May 6th to another site in the city, at West Hastings and Hornby Street until September 2017. The Dance of Time I is on loan from the Dalí Universe.

This iconic sculpture, explains gallery owner Susanne Strem, is “very well recognized so it’s a good starting point to introduce Salvador Dalí to the public; Art should be accessible, not always in a gallery. Public art is how we can make art part of our lives. It lifts us out of the everyday.”

Chali Rosso gallery has an ongoing exhibit of Dali sculpture in the gallery entitled, ‘Definitely Dali’ where Dali multiples and graphics are displayed.

Strem believes Vancouverites will profit from having access to Dalí sculpture. As she explains, "There’s a huge difference seeing art in real life and not just in cyber space. The screen is two-dimensional and artwork is never two-dimensional, not even a painting. It has layers; it has texture; it has emotional effects. On the West Coast, we’re often not as exposed to European art as those on the East Coast. It’s possible to bring art here and not to get enclosed in our own art world only with what is created here. Art is all-inclusive. There’s room for both".

All public donations received at the Chali Rosso gallery, as well as a percentage of Chali-Rosso Gallery sales will go to Arts Umbrella, a non-profit arts education center that introduces art to 20,000 young people a year.

The Canadian federal government will be spending an estimated half  a billion dollars on the150th anniversary of the Federation of Canada, this year., with over $40-million for cultural projects  being funded by the Canada Council for the Arts.