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Thursday, 2016, January 14

China’s Financial Capital Falls in Love with The Master of Surrealism

As the Stratton Foundation finally closed its doors on another blockbuster exhibition in China, it is time to look back on what has been a remarkable, and somewhat Surreal, winter in the Far East.

Salvador Dalí’s sculptural creations took center-stage at Dalí’s Fantastic Universe. The exhibition, held at Shanghai’s prestigious waterfront venue - ‘Bund 18’,  featured  some of the finest artworks in the Catalan master’s oeuvre. After over 3 months the doors finally closed on  Sunday (10.01.16).

The Stratton Foundation has been working in Asia for over 20 years and in many ways was responsible for first bringing the genius of Salvador Dalí to the attention of the Chinese public.

A spokesmen for the Stratton Foundation remarked “we are delighted to see that Salvador Dalí’s popularity continues to grow not just in Asia but all over the world !

Dalí’s Fantastic Universe has now been seen by over 12 million people across 100 museums worldwide and features over 250 Dalí artworks. Major highlights include some 24 large bronze sculptures, the enormous ‘Spellbound’ canvas (a backdrop from the major Alfred Hitchcock film of 1945) and, of course, Dalí’s iconic “Mae West Lips Sofa”.

The walls of Bund 18 were enlivened by rare pieces, such as, the original Tarot collage series. Fascinating artworks which highlight Dalí’s interest in the occult and subconscious

A unique and important aspect of Dalí’s Fantastic Universe is the personal curatorial involvement of Mr. Beniamino Levi.   Mr. Levi  personally knew Salvador Dalí.  He also played an important role supporting and encouraging Dalí to develop his work in the field of sculpture. No other Salvador Dalí exhibition organization has a figure with comparable expertise who was actually part of Dalí’s history. A connoisseur-curator, with over 50 years’ experience, Mr. Levi travels to each exhibition and oversees the important details which make Dalí’s Fantastic Universe so special

The question is which city will now host this wonderful exhibition?….The next stop is…………Liege!