“Salvador Dalí - A journey in the imagination of a genius” in Hungary.

“Painting is my least important aspect. The thing that really counts is the almost imperialist structure of my genius. Painting is only an infinitesimal part of that genius”...

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Dalí Universe at London Art Fair 2023


The London Art Fair returns for its 35th edition this week at London Business Design Centre, UK. Fair dates are 18th - 22th of January 2023.

Offering artworks from...

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The Dalí Universe arrives in Turin and presents “Salvador Dalí - The Exhibition”.

“There is only one difference between a madman and me. I am not mad”.

Salvador Dalí


Dalí Universe in collaboration with Next Exhibition...

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Guernica: genesis of a masterpiece. The war painted by Picasso and the Neorealists.

Guernica: genesis of a masterpiece. The war painted by Picasso and the Neorealists.

Today, Wednesday, July 20, 2022, the exhibition “Guernica:...

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Dalí and Hitchcock: “SPELLBOUND - Scenography of a dream”.


“I could have taken De Chirico or Ernst, but no one was as imaginative and extravagant as Dalí”.

Alfred Hitchcock


This Wednesday, April...

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Salvador Dalí at Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium.


Boutique Gallery will open an “Exclusive Dalí Exhibition” on Friday, March 18th featuring a selection of Salvador Dalí sculptures and graphics from...

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The Dalí Universe arrives in Campania and presents the exhibition “LUCE – I Tesori del Maestro”.


Dalí Universe, in collaboration with Phantasya, is proud to present the exhibition “LUCE – I Tesori del Maestro” (“LIGHT - Treasures by the Master”), from Sunday,...

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“Dalí Universe at the MOCO Museum in Barcelona”

This week a new museum will open in Barcelona.

The Dalí Universe is extremely proud to collaborate with the MOCO Museum in Barcelona, located at Carrer de...

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“Salvador Dalí, A Journey into Fantasy” in Herzliya Marina, Israel.

"It is perhaps with Dalí that for the first time the windows of the mind are opened fully wide". Paul Eluard, Surrealist Poet

Welcome to the fantastic...

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Easter with The Dalí Universe: Salvador Dalí and the eggs of the Paranoiac - critical method.


“Gala and I incarnate the sublime myth of the Dioscuri, hatched from one of Leda’s two divine eggs”.


Salvador Dalí 's Catalonian background and...

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Gala, Dalí’s wife and muse


Salvador Dalí said: “The paranoiac critical method functions only on condition that it possesses a soft motor of divine origin, a living nucleus, a Gala”.

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700th anniversary of Dante’s death. A Dalí graphic to celebrate the Italian poet.


This year we celebrate 700 years since the death of #DanteAlighieri, and the Dalí Universe will pay homage to the Italian poet through various events dedicated to the world of Dalí and...

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Dalí Universe at your fingertips!


“Dalí Universe is an experience, an immersion in the fervid and vibrant imagination of Salvador Dalí. We look forward to welcoming the public back to our global network of...

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The Dalí Universe arrives in Copenhagen and presents the event “Salvador Dalí – Surrealist Moments”.


“I possess within myself the constant awareness that everything which touches my person and my life is unique and will always be characterised by an exceptional, complete and...

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Dalí, The Real Surreal in Miami Beach, Florida.


“Without my surrealism, Surrealism would never have been what it is”.

Salvador Dalí


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