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Espace Dali Paris Galerie

We are delighted to present to your gallery the Dalí Universe Limited Editions - a selection of rare, limited edition sculptures and graphic artworks - conceived by one the great creative geniuses of the Twentieth Century.

The Dalí Universe is the exclusive editor and distributor of a very special range of sculptures. Within this collection are some of the most famous iconic images created by Salvador Dalí during his lifetime: melted clocks, Space Elephant, Alice In Wonderland, Lady Godiva to name just a few.

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Galerie Espace Dali 2016

The Dalí Universe Limited Editions would enhance your art gallery and be an important addition to your existing exhibitions program. The collection could form the basis of a prestigious, dedicated Salvador Dalí show. Dalí never fails to capture the imagination of art collectors and the wider public. The commercial potential of such an exhibition is of course also very appealing.

The dedicated show approach works best and always achieves the best success commercially.  We have many years expertise in developing and curating gallery shows featuring our artworks. Partner galleries will receive expert advice at hand, providing guidance at every stage in the exhibition and sales process.