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Highest Scullpture: Space Elephant 2.77 m
Duration: minimum 3 months
Target: Individual adults, students, families
Insurance: Venue would require all risk insurance from exhibition provider approximately 15 Milion Euro coverage
Public Liability Insurance: 5 Million euro coverage, borne by the exhibitor
Transport/Shipping: This exhibition can go partially by sea and partially by air. Monumental sculptures and large size museum sculptures can go by sea, all the other artworks must go by air.

Transport by sea needs to accommodate approximately 25 cubic meters
Transport by sea needs to accommodate approximately 4700 kg weight

Transport by air needs to accommodate approximately 85 cubic meters
Transport by air needs to accommodate approximately 7800 kg weight

Installation/Dismantle: We will provide two technicians and one project manager to assist in the set-up (1 week approx.) and take down (1 week approx.) at your cost. We ask your venue to supply four support staff to help with the set up and take down

Language: English, Italian, French. Museum could translate and reprint graphics in any other language of choice.

Created by: Exhibition curated by Beniamino Levi of the Stratton Foundation
Sponsored by: This exhibition is unsponsored. In your venue you may source any kind of sponsor you wish for this exhibition

Included in the exhibit are the following:

  • Press kit consisting of high resolution photos and text provided on disc
  • Text for artwork labels and panels provided on disc
  • Text of the biography of Salvador Dalí provided on disc
  • Dvd: interview with Mr. Beniamino Levi, who describes the collection in depth
  • Use of copywritten texts by world-renowned Dalí experts such as Robert Descharnes, Albert Field, Beniamino Levi and A. Reynolds Morse.
  • The right to use certain copywritten photos of Salvador Dalí

Collection on offer

Dalí Monumental Sculptures

Monumental Sculptures

These sculptures measure up to seven meters in height and they have been shown in the most exclusive locations around the world. They create an impressive exhibit that leaves visitors awestruck.

Dalí Museum Sculptures

Large-sized Museum Sculptures

This superb collection, which is the most important and largest collection of Dalí's museum sized sculptures anywhere in the world, brings to light many different aspects of Dalí's creativity. Each individual sculpture, from the "Dance of Time" to the "Triumphant Elephant", parallel his most prolific surrealistic themes and imagery.

Dalí Small Museum Sculptures

Smaller-sized Museum Sculptures

During his lifetime, Dalí created these exciting sculptures to parallel his favorite Surrealistic themes and images. The art-loving world is intimately familiar with the Artist's most famous images.

Dalí Daum Glass Sculptures

Daum Glass Sculptures

The artistic collaboration between Dalí and the French Nancy-based Daum cristallerie, resulted in a fascinating and original collection of ethereal glass sculptures. Ten of these creations are presented here.

Dalí Surrealistic Furniture

Surrealistic Furniture

The furniture was borne out of a creative collaboration between Dalí and a Parisian furniture maker during the 1930's. The resulting pieces are as diverse as they are surreal, the Bracelli lamp and the Vis a Vis Sofa are some of the best examples.

Dalí Original Collages

Universal Tarot - Original Collages

These famous original artworks represent the universal 'Tarot' and were created in collage, watercolour and gouache. Dalì is the only artist to have re-interpreted the major and minor Arcana since 1910. Dalì painted this beautiful series for Gala, his wife and lifetime muse. The entire collection, rarely exhibited, is demonstrative of Dalì's skill as an artisan and as an inventor of allegory.

Dalí Gold Artworks

Gold Artworks

Once again, Dalí's expansive imagination is dazzling. Dalí d'Or-Objets Montés (Dalí Gold-Mounted Objects) were created by Dalí in order to emulate royalty in all its excess and splendour. In a typically eccentric flourish Dalí went on to create twelve new objects assembled from his Dalí d'Or coins. Sacred emblems and legendary beasts inspired Dalì to create these fantasmagoric golden objects.