The Dalí Universe Touring Exhibitions

The Dalí Universe exhibition is entirely dedicated to Salvador Dalí and is a truly special occasion, enabling the public to take a closer look at the lesser known aspects of the oeuvre by the great artist, discovering works still not well known to the public.

A large selection of various works including sculptures in bronze, objects in glass, gold, collages and graphic collections are exhibited with the intention to reveal the source of inspiration of Salvador Dalí’s genius, to promote understanding of the life and art of the Master. This exhibition will allow visitors to delve into the labyrinth like mind of the Master and to admire the creative results of his infinite imagination.

At the moment there are no exhibits in this section

At the moment there are no exhibits in this section

Le Palais de la Bourse, Marseille, France
Museo d'Arte Contemporanea, Villa Croce, Genoa, Italy
Espace Montmartre, Paris, France

Dalí in the third dimesion art exhibits

The exhibition shows two particularly important aspects of  Dalí’s creativity, which allow a deeper interpretation of the artistic work by the Catalan Master: three-dimensional sculpture and the graphic works that illustrate important themes in literature. Dalí’s exploration of the three-dimensional form gave rise to sculptures representing his iconic images, demonstrating the core characteristics of Surrealism.  His attitude towards the art form of sculpture was both scientific and metamorphic, which can be seen in a paragraph from his biography “The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí”:

“Today we know that form always derives from a process of investigating the material... the specific reaction of the material when it is subjected to the terrible coercive force of space, which suffocates it, pressing and squeezing it everywhere, until creating that growth which, starting from its life, reaches the precise limitations established by the strict boundaries of its original reaction. Many times, a piece of material driven by an absolute impulse, denies the reaction; while another piece of material manages to create its own particular life, a piece of material that tries to be what it can be, giving in to the pleasure of creating new forms, despite the tyrannical impact of space”.

Dalí, illustrator of the great themes of literature

The important collection of engravings and lithographs, the result of Dalí’s passion for the great literary works, instead shows the public the little known side of Dalí as the illustrator and demonstrates that the artist was an extremely cultured and interesting man.  His surrealist interpretation of books ranges from the classics, such as the interpretation of the Bible, to more modern books by contemporary writers.  Mythology, religion and history stimulated Dalí to create a wide range of images, personalities and allegories, with which he told the stories we know well.

An educational experience through a variety of artworks 

The variety of works shown in the Dalí Universe exhibition reveals the different techniques and materials explored by Dalí. The glass sculptures created in collaboration with Daum Cristallerie, with their airy appearance and vivid colours, are a clear link with a more fantastic world.  Dalí believed that glass and pate de verre offered the perfect medium for “the expression of metamorphosis” which, according to him, conveyed his surrealist perception of reality.

In addition to the sculptures, visitors can discover a series of original collages of the Mystic tarot and surrealist furniture.

Dalí’s genius is exhibited so that the visitor has an educational experience and leaves the show having learned something about Dalí’s methods, way of working and symbolism.

This exhibition offers wholesome entertainment for the family, education and involvement with the community.