Dalí au Sommet: Courchevel

Practical information

Dec 2009 to Apr 20102009/12/01 to 2010/04/01
Open Air Exhibition, Courchevel, France

With the partecipation of

With the participation of:
Mayor of Courchevel, Mr. Gilbert Blanc-Tailleur
Director Office of Tourism, Mrs. Adeline Roux

Dalí Couchevel Homage To Terpsichore
Dali couchevel homage to terpsichore
Dalí Courchevel Alice In Wonderland
Dali courchevel alice in wonderland
Dalí Courchevel Horse Saddled With Time
Dali courchevel horse saddled with time
Dalí Courchevel Profile Of Time
Dali courchevel profile of time
Dalí Courchevel Space Elephant
Dali courchevel space elephant
Dalí Courchevel Space Venus
Dali courchevel space venus
Dalí Courchevel Dance Of Time Ii
Dali courchevel dance of time ii
Dalí Courchevel Woman Aflame
Dali courchevel woman aflame