Illustrated Books

Dalí, the undisputed graphic Master, undertook the enormous task of illustrating the great themes of literature which interested him most in a expressly Surrealistic style – a style which defined him so well. These fascinating works illustrate the most well-known books of international literature. Mythology, religion, and history stimulated and inspired Dalí to create a vast repertoire of images, personalities, and allegories with which to tell the stories we have come to know so well. This facet of Dalí's genius is unparalleled by any other artist in history.

The Dalí Universe illustrated book collection presents the great themes of literature as interpreted and illustrated by Dalí over the period of his lifetime. Unafraid of controversy and drawn to the provocative, Dalí often chose texts which were at the time considered politically risky or morally compromising. The range of subject and actual number of  books Dalí illustrated over his lifetime as an artist is undoubtedly impressive.