We proudly present the new “Dalí Jeweled Sculpture Collection”, an exquisite, unique portfolio of jeweled sculptures made from 18 karat gold and embedded with precious gemstones; diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires.  Each artwork is mounted on a base made of translucent rock crystal and bears a gold Dalí signature.

These jeweled sculptures arise from Dalí’s most important iconographic and surrealist images seen in diverse artistic mediums including paintings, bronze sculptures and graphic works. Typically recurrent motives in his work are the soft melting watch, the Profile of Time, the elephant with legs reaching to the stratosphere, Triumphant Elephant, ethereal angels as the Triumphant Angel and intertwining concepts of time and immortality.

This collection of jeweled sculptures has been created in a small limited edition, and each is presented in its own elaborate blue satin cushioned gift box.  They represent a new and totally unique artwork, different from any other designer jewelled objects on the market.

These custom-made luxury items are part of a new collection which is being launched worldwide during 2008. The jeweled sculptures are handcrafted by Italy’s finest goldsmith’s, who are renowned for their intricate high quality designs and have been famous for creating gold and gemstones since the Renaissance.

This precious collection consists of twenty-three jewelled sculptures, each one a classical Dalí iconographic image, eight of which are presented in this catalogue.