The Dalí Universe Sculpture Collection is comprised of 29 Museum sized sculptures, 15 Monumental sized sculptures and 10 Jeweled sculptures. The Dalí Collection, which has been assembled by Mr Beniamino Levi, an avid art collector, Salvador Dalí expert and exhibition curator, is the largest of its kind, and certainly the most well known, having been exhibited the world over in more than 100 major international museums, gaining critical and public acclaim. Each and every exhibition has enjoyed the patronage of various governmental entities and embassies. Monumental sculptures have been and continue to be put on display in public spaces in Europe’s capital cities such as in Place Vendome in Paris and on the Queen’s walk in London. These Salvador Dalí artworks have been presented in Asian locations including Singapore, Seoul, Shanghai and Beijing.

Salvador Dalí art in three dimensions

These Salvador Dalí sculptures represent the great Catalan genius’s iconographic images in three dimensional form and were first cast during the lifetime of the Master. They are Salvador Dalí art in three dimensions.They can be viewed in private collections and in many prestigious international art venues such as Espace Dalí, Paris (, the Soumaya Museum in Mexico City and the Morohashi Museum in Japan. All the sculptures were cast at famous international foundries in Europe, using the lost wax method, a traditional method of casting bronze that has its roots in ancient times. Each Salvador Dalí artwork bears a Certificate of Authenticity and each is represented in the Catalogue Raisonée of Dalí Sculpture, Le Dur et Le Mou, written by world famous Dali experts Robert and Nicolas Descharnes.

These sculptures are on offer to the discerning collector depending on availability. Gallery inquiries are welcome.

Monumental Sculpture

The Salvador Dalí monumental sculpture collection has been exhibited in prestigious outdoor locations continuously since the 1980’s. Placed directly outside art galleries, or in city piazza’s, from New York to Beijing, these towering monumental bronzes attract clientele and work as pivotal public relations pieces, attracting media attention, generating press and publicity.

Museum Sized Sculpture

One major aspect of Dalí’s complete lifework is the creation of a collection of bronze museum sculptures. The passion and overwhelming desire to express himself sculpturally lasted throughout his entire life span, dating from 1934 until 1987. Dalí was fascinated by this form of transformation and created original maquettes and designs to be made into sculptures and objects.

Jeweled Sculpture

We proudly present the new Dalí Jeweled Sculpture Collection, an exquisite, unique portfolio of jeweled sculptures made from 18 karat gold and embedded with precious gemstones; diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Each artwork is mounted on a base made of translucent rock crystal and bears a gold Dalí inscribed signature.