The Dalí Universe Collection

The Dalí Universe artwork collection, depicts one man’s quest to bring Dalí’s three-dimensional artworks to the notice of the public. Mr Levi, President of the Dalí Universe, met Dalí for the first time over forty years ago. As a major collector and gallery owner, specializing in Surrealism, he was immediately fascinated by Dalí’s sculptural work, and realized this aspect of the artist oeuvre was not known to the world at large. After a life dedicated to collecting and locating Dalí’s artworks, he has assembled an extraordinary collection of sculptural works, that truly captures Dalí’s desire to see his iconic images transformed into three dimension.

Today the Collection is internationally renowned, having been seen by more than twelve million people around the world and exhibited in over one hundred museums and locations.

The collection of artworks include bronze sculpture, in monumental and museum size, Daum Glass sculpture, Dalí d’Or gold objects, and brilliant jeweled sculptures containing precious stones.

As Dalí world expert, Nicholas Descharnes notes, ‘over a forty year period, the Dalí Universe has assembled the world’s foremost collection of Dalí sculpture, reflecting Dalí’s vision in three dimensions’.

The Collection offers models of objects and sculptures eponymous with the surrealist epoca of the 1930s, produced by galleries and collectors who worked with Dalí, such as Mannequin Javanais (1969) , Yin and Yang (1968) and the Venus with Drawers (1964).

Over the last twenty years the Collection has expanded with the introduction of newly acquired pieces, indeed the acquisition process is ongoing.

Monumental works from the Collection have been displayed all over the world in major cities including Melbourne, Beijing, Sydney, Singapore and Shanghai and Paris.

The Collection continues to be exhibited an attract the attention of press and the public. It is notable for its unique quality, it could never be assembled today and has been Mr Levi’s lifetime quest. 

Dalí Bronze Sculpture Alice In Wonderland Florence

Monumental Sculpture

Standing as high as seven metres tall, these prominent sculptures stand as testimony to Dalí ’s surrealist genius in colossal format.

Dalí Museum Sculpture Dance of Time II

Museum Sized Sculpture

Dalí’s creative genius manifests into three-dimensionality, bringing form to sculptures which are amongst the most famous and beloved iconographic images created by Dalí during his lifetime.

Smaller-sized Museum Sculpture La Masque Funerarire de Napoléon

Smaller-sized Museum Sculptures

Inspired by his most famous paintings, Dalí’s bronze sculptures represent a significant aspect of three dimensional surrealism.

Dali Jeweled Sculpture Surrealist Piano


A unique sculpture collection made from 18 karat gold and embedded with precious gemstones.
Gold Artworks Dali Fleur


Having always been fascinated by precious metals, Dalí created a body of work in gold.

Glass Sculpture Collection Dali Montre Molle

Daum -
Glass Sculpture

This collection allows us to view Dalí’s genius through the translucence of sculptures modelled from coloured glass.

Dali Furniture Mae West Lip Sofa


Twisted, languid and almost tortured geometric forms which are so characteristic of Dalí’s figuration.

Dali Universal Tarot Cuatro de Espadas

Universal Tarot - Original Collage

Ethereal and surreal artworks created by Dalí in collage, watercolour and gouache.

Dali Paintings Spellbound


Spellbound e L’Oeil Fleuri, two spectacular Dalí paintings.

Dali PrintsIllustrated Books Carmen

Prints -
Illustrated Books

Dalí illustrated the great themes  of literature creating a vast repertoire of images, personalities, and allegories which can be found in these prints.