Beniamino Levi, President of the Stratton Institute, is a recognised world expert in the field of Modern Art. His expertise spans a wide range of artistic knowledge, from Impressionism through modern times. To date, he has successfully organised approximately 100 critically and publicly acclaimed Modern Art exhibitions worldwide, attracting over 10 million visitors during the last two decades.In the 1960s and 70s, Mr Levi headed one of Italy’s most prestigious galleries, the Galleria Levi on Via Montenapoleone, where he introduced international art to Italy. He was the first to bring some of the world’s most famous artists to the Italian art collecting community, including Miró, Magritte, Masson, Kandinsky, De Chirico, Picasso, and Dalí. Mr Levi knew many of the period’s leading artists personally, and counted much of Italy’s social elite among his clients. Regular visitors to his gallery included Maria Callas, Baron Von Thyssen and the Agnelli family. Artworks he exhibited in the 60s and 70s today are considered museum quality masterpieces. Mr Levi helped form many major international Modern Art collections.

Beniamino Levi

Beniamino Levi exhibitions and publications

In the 1960s, Mr Levi held a Surrealist exhibition at his gallery and was introduced to Dalí. He frequently travelled to see Dalí at his many residences in Paris, New York and his home in Spain. Fascinated by some early Dalí sculptures he had found and bought from a Paris gallery, Mr Levi encouraged the Surrealist master to once more express his artistic vision in sculptural form, commissioning Dalí to create a series of bronzes based on the artist’s most famous Surrealist images. 
Mr Levi worked closely with Dalí on this bronze sculpture project and is known worldwide as a leading Dalí expert on the Dalí Bronzes. He has lectured and written often on the subject, and has published a definitive book on the Dalí Sculpture Collection. 
Another exhibition of monumental importance that was organised and directed by Beniamino Levi was “The Secret Collection” artworks, by Pablo Picasso, which was made public for the first time after the artist’s death. The details of this precious collection and other exhibitions are available upon request. 
Currently Mr Levi curates and is on the board of directors of several permanent Dalí exhibitions. The exhibitions feature a large grouping of various rare artworks, selected from private collections and cultural organisations throughout the world, including sculpture, artglass, collages, gold, objets d’art, furniture and rare graphic portfolios. 

Beniamino Levi, Art Curator \ Art Dealer

Mr Levi is a rare combination of a museum director/curator and a major fine art dealer, having successfully managed both positions for many years. It is important not only to find masterpieces, but also to purchase them at a fair price in today’s competitive market. He has excellent contacts in the private and public international sectors, which he can easily call upon to form a unique modern collection. Mr Beniamino Levi is not only a curator and an expert in Modern Art who can describe, analyze, exhibit, and maintain collections…he was there when it all happened.