The Dalí Universe is an exhibition dedicated to the famous Spanish Surrealist artist Salvador Dalí. This exhibition is the most original and complete collection of Dalí artworks to tour prestigious museums worldwide in recent years. Its focus is to feature several of the most important collections and aspects of Dalí's work in order to exhibit his remarkable virtuosity as an artist. It showcases extensive collections of  sculptures, rare graphics, glass objects, gold objects, original collages and surrealistic furniture.

The name Salvador Dalí needs no introduction having been established as one of the great artists of the Twentieth Century. He will always remain a subject which arouses interest, speculation, discussion and most of all, pleasure. Dalí was, however, more than a great artist; more than a mega-genius who invented and reinvented his self image; he was even more than the most outspoken and often provocative surrealist thinkers and philosophers, writing books, giving speeches, and obsessively demonstrating his ideas and desires for a period of over 70 years. Dalí did what no other artist has ever done: he went beyond the aesthetic movement of Surrealism, beyond even his own overwhelming prolific work as an artist to embody the very enigmatic myth which he himself dedicated a life to exposing.

Also, in conjunction with IAR Art Resources, The Dalí Universe manages one of the largest collections of Dalí sculpture in the world.