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The Collection

One of the largest groupings of Salvador Dalí artworks

Passionately assembled over the past 40 years, this unique collection speaks for itself: bronze sculptures, surrealist furniture, gold objects, glass sculptures, paintings, hand signed graphics, gouaches and many other artworks.


photo Robert Descharnes / © Descharnes & Descharnes sarl

Beniamino Levi

President and Curator of Dalí Universe

Dali Universe Beniamino Levi

Beniamino Levi dedicated his entire life to collecting Dalí artworks.
He is not only a world recognized expert on Salvador Dalí and Modern art, he was there when it all happened.


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Easter with The Dalí Universe: Salvador Dalí and the eggs of the Paranoiac - critical method.


“Gala and I incarnate the sublime myth of the Dioscuri, hatched from one of Leda’s two divine eggs”.


Salvador Dalí 's Catalonian background and culture meant that he remained obsessed with food and its imagery, his whole life.

This food fetish is recalled in many of his paintings; most famously the softwatch in the form of a cheese in the “Persistence of Memory”, (1931) originating from a dream of runny...

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