The Stratton Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promotion of cul­ture and the arts.  It contributes to the pleasure of the museum-visiting public by creating and circulating exhibitions and collections of exceptional quality.The Stratton Foundation has created this exciting world-class collection, paying homage to the great Catalan Master, Salvador Dalí.  The turnkey Dalí exhibition on offer by the Stratton Foundation, a specific selection of this expansive collection, has already been seen by more than ten million people around the world, and has toured over 80 prestigious museums and locations in the past twenty-five years.  The shows have all met with great public and critical acclaim, and have enjoyed excel­lent press reviews.

The success of these exhibits has been due to:
» The quality of the art on display
» Dalí's enduring popularity with the public
» The organisational expertise of the Foundation

Stratton Foundation Dalí exhibitions

As the initiator of projects dedicated to the universal influence of Salvador Dalí, the Stratton Foundation has also played a major role in organising exhibitions jointly with various international museums and cultural institutions. The President of the Stratton Foundation, Beniamino Levi, personally knew Salvador Dalí. It was Dalí himself who suggested to Mr. Levi the setting up of museums and exhi­bitions around the world dedicated to his artistic genius. Stratton Foundation Dalí exhibitions invariably attract large numbers of visitors and have broken all attendance records at international museums time and time again.

Many world famous dignitaries have attended the opening evenings of the various exhibitions presented by the Stratton Foundation, and over forty have personally written to the Stratton Foundation expressing their thanks.  The former President of France, Jacques Chirac, has written the introduction to the Stratton Foundation's French exhibition catalogue.  The Stratton Foundation continues to enjoy the support of major governmental agencies, embassies, ministries, and ambassadors, and is recognised the world over as being a prestigious leader and organiser of exhibitions within the world of art.