The Dalí Sculpture Collection represents a significant aspect of Dalí’s artistic creation.

All of the 29 extraordinary sculptures in the Collection,  feature recognizable symbols and well-known Dalí imagery. These symbols appear throughout the artist’s oeuvre, on his paintings, drawings, lithographs, etchings and of course on his sculptures. Dalí’s art always plays on duality: Hard and Soft, Real and Unreal. While the Realistic aspect appeals to our rational understanding, the Unreal goes beyond that by invoking association and emotions on a deeper level. These sculptures are, in fact, ‘surrealism in the third dimension.’

Acquiring a Dalí artwork means acquiring a piece of art history.

The sculptures are part of a limited edition created with the lost wax method.

In the last twentyfive years, many major museum shows exhibiting Dalí sculptures have taken place bringing Dalí sculpture to the public attention. Our Dalí Multiple Sculptures have been exhibited in many prestigius galleries and locations, and they continue to be sold in the most important auctions houses: Christie's, Sotheby's and Phillips