The Dalí Universe: modern art exhibitions and sculpture

The Dalí Universe is an exhibition dedicated to the famous Spanish Surrealist artist Salvador Dalí. Dalí’s genius is exhibited so that the visitor has an educational experience and leaves the show having learned something about Dalí’s methods, way of working and symbolism.

The Dalí Universe manages one of the largest collections of Dalí sculpture in the world.

This Dalí website will guide you through more than 100 prestigious exhibitions held in famous museum worldwide.

Dalí Experience Bologna

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The Dalí Experience is not only an exhibition but a culturally innovative experience, immersing the visitor in the world of  Dalí.  Opening in Bologna on November 25th,  the exhibition will feature Dalí sculpture, graphics and...

Bronze Sculpture Dance Of Time


One major aspect of Dalí's complete work is certainly his collection of bronze sculpture. Dalí's creative genius manifests into three dimensionality, bringing form to his most famous and beloved Surrealistic images. This superb collection is themost important and largest assembly of Dalí sculptures in the world.

Dalí Experience Bologna


25 Nov 2016 to 07 May 2017
Palazzo Belloni, Bologna, Italy